Kiwi angler Kevin Baker has a new All-Tackle world record for Pacific bluefin tuna on his hands with this monster fish approaching EIGHT HUNDRED POUNDS!

The Kiwi angler was in the last few hours of a trip covering several days off the coast of Greymouth in New Zealand aboard Lance Goodhew’s ‘Cova Rose’ and  tempted the brute with a fresh hoki bait after Lance marked it on the sounder.

With the trip nearly at its end, Baker was pressed for time and was forced to put serious tension on the fish – at times bumping the drag on his Shimano 130W up to 37kg (80lb) during the intense 30 minute fight.

Baker and the crew were ready to tag the tuna as they had with several previous catches, but once it was boat side the decision was made to take the fish as it was the biggest specimen any of them had ever seen.

Tipping the scales at 352.5 kg (777lb 1oz), Baker’s fish surpasses the current IGFA All Tackle best – a 739lb 6oz Pacific bluefin caught in February 2012 off Houhora in New Zealand by Nathan Adams.