Holiday angler Keith Williams won’t forget his 65th birthday in a hurry – he caught this world record breaking 132lb Siamese carp on it!

The Surrey angler was fishing at Gillham’s Fishing Resort in Krabi, Thailand and has told his wife that he had a ‘feeling in his bones’ he was about to catch something special. 
The mighty fish, weighing over nine stones in old money, took 25 minutes to beat and if ratified by the IGFA will set a new all-tackle world best. It’s also incidentally the biggest carp of any species caught anywhere in the world.
Fishing TV has just returned from a filming shoot at Gillham’s in which former top decathlete Dean Macey targets many of the resort’s amazing and exotic species, including huge arapaima and Mekong catfish. The resort lays claim to ‘at least 16’ world records.
The programmes will be aired by Fishing TV in 2014 online, on mobile and on tablet at and through the free-to-download Fishing TV app on Samsung and Panasonic Smart TV and blu-ray.