Henry Gilbey’s infectious enthusiasm for bass fishing can’t help but capture your imagination, as he enjoys some fabulous Irish rock hopping sport on lures and plugs with pal Graham Hill.

The key to this method is to travel light and keep on the move until you find the fish, and Henry’s not short of advice on how and when to look for top bass marks and how to approach them.


Learn about lure selection, how to work them effectively and how to fish braid without the fear of tangles and wind knots.
Henry, who describes the bass as “one of the world’s sexiest fish” prefers a 10ft ultra fast spinning rod for this kind of rough ground fishing, and his tackle recommendations are clearly spelled out at the end of the show.
After a frustrating start, the deadly duo find the fish and the action comes thick and fast as Henry gets very excited indeed:
“Even if you don’t like fishing, you’ve gotta love this – it’s just cool.”
The programmes is free to view here on this website as part of the current issue of Sea Watch Monthly – the video magazine for shore and boat anglers – until November 25th. Enjoy!