Dynamite White Acres Festival


Pete Thomas – at 18 the youngest ever White Acres festival winner.

ENGLAND youth international Peter Thomas raised eyebrows with a stunning
victory in the 174-entry White Acres Dynamite Baits Spring Festival to win a
cool £2000.

With older experienced heads all around cracking under the pressure Peter
nicknamed Othe ice¹ remained cool and produced a super controlled display of
festival winning long pole and groundbait work to win his section at Porth
on the final day.
That gave him 35 points one clear of a clutch of anglers on 34.
Going into the last day no one had achieved a maximum score and Team Sensas
BAS rod Steve Burgess was the leader with Nigel Plumbe in second with
several anglers poised to overtake them should they slip up.
Making no mistakes Peter completed his third section win to add to a second
in section for that big cheque winning return.
The Brentwood, Essex based youngster is in the middle of a year out before
continuing his education and it¹s doing his fishing no harm at all.
Fishing his third festival at White Acres – he was 67th in last weeks Sensas
– and reckons that experience helped him warm up for this weeks stunning
Bolingey was his first port of call and peg 7 in the first arm produced a
fine 78 lb 4 oz haul thanks to no less than 51 pastie carp on poled corn at
14.5 metres but he fed the full quota of Crazy Bait Gold.
The second day at Pollawyn saw him finish a disappointing 5th with 19 lb
from peg seven that became his dropped result.
On Trelawney things were back on track with a lake and section second from
peg 26 taking carp on both feeder and margin pole gear for 52 lb 10 oz.
Gwinear peg 1 saw him bag seventeen carp at 5 metres on corn and caster for
a crucial 110lb 12oz to keep him in touch with the leading pack.
Lying 6th going into the final match he drew the fancied 30s on Porth¹s
meadow bank and set about his task feeding six balls of groundbait initially
and a ball every fifteen minutes he was soon into roach on maggot, worms and
casters hook baits.
Pike were a problem and he lost ten hook lengths and fish to the snappers
but he kept his cool.
Adding a bonus 2 lb skimmer late on he was a comfortable section winner with
13 lb 11 oz to cap a week he will never forget: OIt goes without saying
really this is the best thing that has happened to me in angling¹.
“Those pike were a problem but I just got on with it used a long landing net
handle and reached forward to scoop the fish quickly,” he went on.
“I would like to thank Lee Kerry and Tim Nash for their support and my
sponsors Browning and Wickford Angling,” continued Peter.
“I’ve won plenty of matches but this is on a different level to anything
I’ve achieved before,” he declared.

PETER praises the backing he receives from Wickford Angling Centre and also
the personal help from tackle giants Browning.
His pole is the Browning Champion¹s Choice Club France model while for
running line work he relied upon a Daiwa Connoisseur X tip rod and Browning
Syntec waggler rod.
Lines varied from 0.08mm diameters at Porth to 0.21mm at Gwinear depending
the situation he faced, and he used a wide variety of float patterns over
the week.
He used a lot of groundbait over the week, mainly Crazy bait Gold on the
carp waters and a mix of Sensas Lake, River and Roach at Porth. Corn,
worms, meat and a lot of hemp also featured.
“The big moment for me was that result at Gwinear on the fourth day. Peg 1
hasn’t been noted for a result so far and the 110 lb I had is apparently
only the second highest bag off the peg ever!”
Peter’s efforts added a further £600 in pools monies and he admitted that he
is not a betting man so once again the bookmaker was a happy man too.

BIG Richie Hull hoisted himself into the runner-up slot heading a clutch of
anglers on 34 points after lying third overall ahead of the last match.
MAP Garbolino Starlets grouped Richie pushed hard at Trelawney 23 for the
section win that would have given him the points he needed but his 39-5-0
was eventually squeezed out by Browning Hotrods Tim Nash¹s 43-9-0.
Agonisingly Richie lost a match winning carp on a rare snag mid way across
the lake.
Twenty-four hours earlier he had been going nowhere on Pollawyn match lake
when photo-journalist Brian Gay arrived at his peg with 20 minutes to go.
Richie bemoaning his chances promptly hit and landed a 15 lb ghostie
followed by an 8 lb mirror to complete a narrow section and lake win with
A super mid doubles ghost carp twenty minutes from time backed up by a
second 8-pounder landed after time won Pollawyn lake on the fourth day for
MAP Garbolino Starlets star Richie Hull.
Amazingly Riche picked up an envelope every day finishing in the top three
on all his lakes winning one match and finishing second three times and
third once for a total pay day of £1700 including £140 off the bookie!
Richie   reflected: OI had a couple of chances to win but it wasn’t to
be…framing on the lakes every day and still not winning what have I got to

A decade’s association with White Acres culminated in a frame place and
the third place cheque of £800 for Lichfield, Staffs plasterer Nigel Plumbe.
The Shimano Portway grouped 36-year-old had a real chance of winning on the
final day lying in second at the start of the final five hours.
Drawing Gwinear peg 52 was a tall order a peg yet to hit form in a section
of fliers yet somehow he managed third in section a result better than many
That tied him on points and fifth section scores with richie Hull but Nigel
lost out on weight pitching 186-13-0 against the big fellers 293 lb.
His previous festival best in four attempts was 15th and his big leap for
the top started with a section second at Porth, then a win at Bolingey with
57 lb.
He regarded a brilliant 37 lb of meat tempted skimmers from Pollawyn 1 as
his best effort of the week then winning on Trelawney with 52 lb at peg 29.
Another £70 from the bookmaker and other pools took his tally to around
£1200 for the week.
“It’s been a great week for me whatever the final outcome was although I was
peeved to lose out on a section win at Porth by just two ounces,” he

BOLINGEY kept up it¹s specimen carp reputation with Frampton RBL star Chris
Davis pulling off a Bolingey match win that included a superb 20 lb 2 oz
carp to earn the £50 fish of the week award.
However spare a thought for the amazing feat by Cheshire¹s Nigel Smith who
conjured up a brace of Bolingey peg 4 carp that scaled a combined 36 lb.
The Browning Cudmore matchman tempted a 19 lb ghostie then a 17 lb mirror on
poled meat at 6 metres beating them with 0.16 mm diameter rigs black Hyrdo
elastic and a Garbolino Renaissance pole.

THE £100 mystery weight cheque was gratefully received by Kevin McDonald (pictured below)
with 93-11-0.
Biggest weight prize of £100 was Steve Burgess¹ reward for a 191-7-0 bag at
Gwinear¹s peg 25 where he fished shallow with meat for carp to 10 lb.

FOR some reason several anglers decided it was a week to go swimming falling
in off their boxes.
With that in mind the management decided to award MM club swimming
certificates and prizes including goggles, hats and arm bands to the
individuals concerned.
Step forward Geoff Ringer, Alan Barker, Skip McCabe and Mick Wilkinson.


The weeks ‘swimmers’ (l-r) Skip McCabe, Geoff Ringer, Mick Wilkinson and
Alan Barker with their certificates and swimming aides!

THE cut glass crystal man of the match award went to Robin Flowers, a
popular choice, as Robin (Maidenhead Bait) has been a White Acres regular
for many years but recorded his best performance scoring 30 points to finish
in 28th place.

BOXES of sponsors Dynamite Baits products were supplied to the top ten
anglers who also received cash prizes too.
In fact the top five each won £150 worth of Dynamite products and the next
five anglers £90 worth.
Pete Chandler, Marketing director of Dynamite Baits said Othis is our second
year of sponsoring this event and it¹s been another great success. We really
enjoy giving something back to the anglers.¹
In addition very competitor received two bags of groundbait and a tin of
frenzied hemp.
Top five 150 worth the next five 90 worth of product.

1 Pete Thomas (Browning Wickford) 35 points

2 Richie Hull (MAPGarbolino Starlets) 34 points dropping 7, 293-0-0

3 Nigel Plumbe (Shimano Portway) 34 points dropping 7, 186-13-0

4 Steve Burgess (Sensas BAS) 34 points dropping 6, 284-9-0

5 Phil Ringer (Essex County Van Den Eynde) 34 points dropping 6, 201-6-0

6 Martin Greene (MAP Garbolino Starlets) 34 points dropping 5, 232-1-0

 7  John Cockayne (Tipton Van Den Eynde) 34 points dropping 5, 151-3-0

8 Paul Taylor (White Acres) 34 points dropping 2,

9 John Chapman (Drennan NW) 33 points dropping 8,

10 Dale Lynch (Middy Matchmen) 33 points dropping 7,


DAY 1 Pollawyn Lee Harrison (Van Den Eynde Scunthorpe) 71-4-0; Carleon /
Trelawney Will Raison (Daiwa) 96-11-0; Gwinear Gary Skerritt (Browning
Cudmore) 170-14-0; Porth Dave Lewis (Team Sillybait) 23-14-0; Bolingey Steve
Trevett (Pewsey) 103-14-0.

Pollawyn Martin Greene (MAP Garbolino Starlets) 107-5-0; Carleon / Trelawney
Steve Fowler (White Acres) 45-13-0; Gwinear Steve Cooke (Ringer Baits)
151-14-0; Porth Tony Wynnick (Frame¹s Tackle) 23-4-0; Bolingey Chris Davis
(Frampton RBL) 96-3-0.

Pollawyn Alan Barker (Ringer Baits) 125-3-0;   Carleon / Trelawney Nick
Cullis (Parkes Tackle) 66-8-0; Gwinear Steve Burgess (Sensas BAS) 191-7-0;
Porth Lee Woodhouse (Carbotec Select) 20-4-0; Bolingey Tim Rowe (ALS Van Den
Eynde) 100-7-0.

Pollawyn Richie Hull (MAP Garbolino) 66-2-0; Carleon / Trelawney Nigel
Plumbe (Shimano Portway) 52-14-0; Gwinear Nigel Clarke (WAC Tackle) 156-6-0;
Bob Rand (Manadon Angling) 24-12-0; Bolingey John Holdsworth (Tri Cast
Calder) 70-13-0.  

Bolingey Gary Stanley (Middy Sensas) 67-5-0; Pollawyn Dave Rudman
(Littlemore AS) 139-5-0; Python and Trelwaney Tim Nash (Browning Hotrods)
Gwinear Simon Gould (Simons 2000 Trabucco) 156-15-0; Porth Steve Ringer
(Shimano)   27-12-0.