Seven schemes which encourage young people to take up fishing are to receive a funding boost from EFTTA.

Every year, EFTTA uses its Youth Grant Scheme in conjunction with its members to make thousands of Euros available for fishing projects throughout Europe.  Before applying for a grant, each of these successful applicants will have found a corporate sponsor from one of EFTTA’s members.

The following seven projects have been chosen by the EFTTA Board this year to receive funding under the Youth Grant Scheme:

Watercourse Foundation (Germany) – The children of a secondary school class will take part in excursions to the river Agger to learn about the fish fauna and river restoration projects run by the Watercourse Foundation.  These excursions will include a visit to a new fish trap for upstream migrating fish, a film presentation and different presentations on invertebrate river fauna such as insects and molluscs as indicators of water quality.  The children will also take part in fish release in the salmonid protection programs (spring 2009) and learn about the migration of fish in free rivers.  The whole programme is designed to encourage children to safeguard migratory fish.

FVO Fischereiverband Oberbayern – Fishing waters and its insect life – The funding will cover the training of youth teachers.  The teachers will then share their knowledge of how insect life defines water quality and to define how insects can be imitated with young fishermen. The funding and sponsorship from Rudi Heger GmbH will provide training equipment for entomology and fly-tying.

World Junior and Youth shore Championships 2008 (UK) – This project, sponsored by Fox International Ltd is designed to encourage young anglers to achieve success and so further develop their skills and abilities. To enable them to move forward to adult, international level and gain confidence to perhaps one day fish for England.

Get Hooked on Sea Fishing (UK) – The Wansbeck Scheme is the first of the GHF Sea fishing schemes and was introduced in 2007.  Since then, it has been tremendously successful and they are now expanding further down the North East coast. The funding and sponsorship from Shakespeare and Shimano will be used as a contribution to help develop and expand the sea fishing schemes.

REKA – Small fishing schools have been arranged in a multi-national environment in Vojvodina, where the instructors write the educational publications.  The funding and sponsorship from Ugly Duckling will contribute towards the printing and promotional costs for the educational material.

Learn2b “Rod to Recovery” Fishing Project (UK) – The “Rod to Recovery” fishing project as part of the Learn2b aims to offer the opportunity for people in the local community who may be experiencing low mood, anxiety or poor confidence, to try out fishing as a pastime and to meet other people, learn new skills and be out in the countryside, experiencing the benefits of nature (Ecotherapy). The sponsorship money would be used towards purchasing equipment to support the project.

Discovery Class of Water and Fishing – These classes are planned to give children the means and knowledge through the discovery of water, its fauna and flora and to give the children a greater understanding of how to protect these areas.  The project will also show children the simple techniques of fishing in order for them to develop as fishermen. The funding and sponsorship from MEPPS will be spent on educational material for the lessons and on equipment for the fishing classes.