Rhino Pro Stow Box: storage marvel for spoons, wobblers and pirks!

The Pro Stow Box is enjoying a revival at Zebco Europe – a successful part of the range a few years ago, the box is back on the market after a hiatus by popular demand! The original, sensational box allowed a whole collection of lures of up to 20 cm in length to be transported together. The transparent lid makes it easy to identify all lures packed for a session. The lures will never tangle with each other, which is particularly beneficial for storing wobblers with several trebles. Since the lid tightly covers the compartments, the lures do not come into contact with each other even if the box is tipped over. And the lures are no longer left in wet compartments; the water drips down below. The box dries out when the lid is left open and the inserts can be removed where required.

The honeycomb inserts create 46 separate compartments (plus various “half” compartments around the edges). As each compartment features a number of hook slits, up to 3 spoons can be stored in each compartment, meaning a capacity of way over 100 lures. The external dimensions of each Pro Stow Box are 21 cm x 24 cm x 42 cm.  Zebco Europe’s Director for Marketing & Product Development, Frerk Petersen, uses the box himself: “Our trolling test angler, Mike Luner, developed this ingenious box in which each artificial lure is stored in a separate compartment. I am delighted that the idea lives on. The box is unbeatable from a practical point of view. Trolling anglers will reap the benefits of the box and wobbler and pirking fans are also sure to love it.”