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World record rockfish

David Utoft holds aloft of massive 18.6 kg (41 lb 1 oz) shortraker rockfish (Sebastes borealis) that could become the new IGFA All-Tackle world record. Utoft was fishing with Capt. Joe Calandra out of Tanaku Lodge, located in Elfin Cove, Alaska, USA, and needed 15 minutes to land the fish after it ate the squid […]

Big, beautiful, Bolivian golden dorado

This beautiful 29lb golden dorado looks set to be a new 8kg (16lb) world line class record for Colombian angler Alejandro Linares. He was fishing Bolivia’s Rio Torija with a popper lure when the big predator smashed into it. The fish was carefully unhook, photographed and released and a claim has been submitted to the IGFA. THE […]

Giant Colombian Peacock Bass

Armando Giraldo landed what is the second heaviest Orinoco peacock (Cichla orinocensis) every reported to the IGFA – and the heaviest ever recorded on fly tackle – while fishing the remote southern part of Colombia. Giraldo needed approximately 10 minutes to subdue the beautifully colored Orinoco peacock that tipped the scales at a whopping 5.22 kg […]

Nicky’s world record knife fish

Nicky Prine set a potential new All-Tackle world record for clown knifefish (Chitala chitala) with this beautiful 6.35 kg (14lb) fish from Lake Iguana, near her home in Delray Beach, Florida, USA. Prine was targeting peacock bass with a live shiner. After a tough five minute fight, she had the specimen subdued and worked quickly to document the catch, […]

Peacock bass world record claim

Brazilian angler Ednaldo Camacho Lazarin caught and released what could become the new All-Tackle Length world record for speckled peacock (Cichla temensis) on October 10th, while fishing near Santa Isabel in the Brazilian Amazon. Lazarin needed only several minutes to subdue the trophy peacock, after it crushed the top-water plug he was casting. The current […]

World record snook claim

Brazilian angler Maicon Soares Da Silva caught and released this huge snook (Centropomus spp.) while fishing off the coast of Ubatuba, Brazil. Da Silva needed nearly 20 minutes to land the 109 cm beast, after it hit the jig and soft plastic shrimp combo he was casting. If approved, Da Silva’s catch will actually beat […]

World record Papuan Black Snapper VIDEO

Australian angler Bluey Hellmuth has boated what could become the new All-Tackle world record for the must sought after Papuan black snapper (Lutjanus goldiei), while fishing Papua New Guinea’s Aramia River. Hellmuth was trolling a diving plug when the 21.32 kg (47 lb) beast hit and attempted to break off in the thick debris laden […]

World record longfin jack cravalle

Angolan angler Marco Couto has smashed the All Tacklle world record for the Longfin jack cravalle while fishing Barra do Kwanza near the Angolan city of Luanda with this 16.5kg (36lb 6oz) specimen. Couto, who already has several IGFA world records to his name, tempted the brute with a large soft plastic lure and battled […]