With great regret the CLA said today (12 July) that exceptionally bad weather has forced it to take the “heartbreaking decision” to cancel this year’s CLA Game Fair, at Belvoir Castle, Leicestershire.
CLA Director General Helen Woolley said: “I am extremely sad to say the heavy rain in the run-up to this year’s CLA Game Fair has left us with no choice but to take the heartbreaking decision to cancel the show. It is a devastating blow for the CLA team, contractors, exhibitors and the hoards of visitors and guests who make the CLA Game Fair the world’s greatest country show.
“I feel enormously sorry for all those who were so looking forward to this year’s event. The CLA Game Fair will return next year.”
Mrs Woolley paid tribute to the CLA Game Fair team who fought hard to prepare the rain-drenched site for the show.
She said: “The show’s construction team worked tirelessly to make it happen, battling the elements from dawn to dusk. They have really gone the extra mile, putting everything into giving the show its best possible chance of going ahead.
“Sadly, you can’t always buck the weather and, with the exceptionally high level of rain in the weeks running up to the show, it has proved impossible to build the event and to run it safely.”
CLA Game Fair Director Andrew Crawford said: “This was to be my first CLA Game Fair and, naturally, I am incredibly disappointed that the show has been cancelled. My team worked like Trojans in the hope the show could go on, but, sadly, it was not to be. 
“I can only say sorry to all those affected and we promise to make the process for them now as painless as possible. We will, of course, honour the terms and conditions of all contracts, and members of the public who have bought advance tickets should visit the CLA Game Fair website at www.gamefair.co.uk to apply for refunds.”