4000 young fish including carp, tench, rudd and roach will today (20 November) arrive at their new home at Gnoll Country Park Pond in Neath. 

Environment Agency Wales have transported the fish over the last 24 hours, to be stocked at the community fishery from their hatchery in Calverton, Nottingham. 

The fishery was developed earlier this year in an £89,000 collaborative project between the Agency, Neath Port Talbot Council and Skewen Angling Club.  

The new fishery boasts six ‘all ability’ angling platforms for easy access and a central island creating a habitat for wildlife and nesting birds.  

The lake was previously used as a public swimming pool and a boating lake, and the latest investment now provides a new amenity for the local community. 

Neath Port Talbot Council and Skewen Angling Club will also be present at the stocking. The angling club are now responsible for the day to day management of the fishery. 

The young fish, each between 3cm and 8cm in length, will provide a stock of fish that will hopefully last for generations to come. The fish to be stocked are 1000 crucian carp, 1500 roach, rudd 1000 and 500 tench. 

Dave Charlesworth, leading on the project for Environment Agency Wales, said: 

“This new fishery is a great facility for local people. Angling provides real social benefits, especially for young people, who can find a new hobby that will stay with them for years to come. 

“The funds to set up the fishery comes from rod licence fees collected from anglers. We re-invest the money back into the sport to create more opportunities and better facilities.

”This investment has created a great new spot for local anglers, and for anyone else  who wants to get out there and have a go at fishing.”  

Colin Crowley, Cabinet Member for the Environment, Neath Port Talbot Council, said: 

“This is an excellent example of the council working in partnership with Environment Agency Wales and the voluntary sector, through Skewen Angling Club, to improve facilities in the county borough for residents and visitors.”

 For more information contact Curig Jones on 029 2046 6251 or email curig.jones@environment-agency.gov.uk

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