MEMBERS only club water Pitlands Lakes in Kent has hit the headlines with a monster 441lb match catch.
The amazing bag fell to Mike Jameson in a five-hour, six angler knock-up for Kent Fire Service, with the seecond placed man, Steve Langley, weighing in over 250lb also.
“Fishery owner Tom stressed that this was a one-off match, never to be repeated as the water is solely for members only,” said Steve.
“We were to have two keepnets and any fish over 3lb were to be weighed immediately and returned to the water.
“Before we even wet the line it was obvious that a big weight was on the cards. The lake was alive with carp.
“Forget your big weight waters like Newlands Hall, Rolf’s Lake
and Drayton Reservoir, this looked something very special indeed.”
Steve shouted the ‘All in’ and before anyone had chance to draw the next breath they were all into fish.
“Most of the carp at the Horsemenden venue averaged just a touch under 3lb and they were all in immaculate condition,” he added.
Winner Mike Jameson fished Megabait Expander pellets on a size 10 Drennan Barbless Carp hook, 6lb Super Shinobi and Middy 14/16 Hi Viz elastic. His pole was a Browning Syntek Destroyer.
“After the first two hours it became obvious that we needed to weigh-in,” said Mike. “It took 15-20 minutes to weigh my first two keepnets for 208lb 14oz and totalled 77 carp.
“Effectively this was 15-20 mins lost fishing time so if I was to break the 400lb barrier I would have my work cut out. To cut a long story short I ended up with another 92 carp before the ‘All out’ at 3.30pm for a total of 169 carp and a grand total weight of 441lb 10oz.
“I only pulled out of five fish and was snapped twice. The fish were just mopping up those pellets like their was no tomorrow!! It was a bite a chuck and when I say a bite a chuck I mean that as soon as my hook bait hit the water… float under… fish on. It was just incredible and a day never to be forgotten.”
Mike’s catch is considerably over the current world five hour match record of 414lb, set by Megabaits’ owner Steve Gregory at Earlswood Lakes in the Midlands.
Mike will not be able to claim the World match fishing record as you need a 20 angler event to qualify.