Getting out on your kayak with nothing in mind but sitting there for a couple of hours with the wind, the water, and the fish can be one of the most relaxing and memorable experiences you can have. However, if you’re looking to become better at being a kayak angler, then this article will let you know all you need to know.

Here Are 6 Tips on How to Become a Better Kayak Angler

  1. Get the Right Amount of Gear

A common mistake a lot of beginner kayakers make is that they pack a large amount of equipment for a short trip which crowds your kayak and gives you a lot less room to work with. The more trips you go on, the more you’ll realize that you’ll barely need any equipment other than your main gear. You want this trip to be easy and straightforward, so don’t complicate it by carrying a lot of stuff around.

  1. Estimate the Time & Resources You’ll Need

To get better at being a kayak angler, you need to plan your trips ahead of time and pack the amount of food and water you’ll need accordingly. You don’t want to overfish at any spot either, so plan how many fish you expect to catch on your trip and once you hit that amount, it’s time to head back to shore. Try not to exceed the amount of time you set either as you don’t want to grow tired on the water.

  1. Choose the Right Kayak

Getting better at fishing on your kayak will largely depend on the kayak itself. If you’re planning a kayak fishing trip on saltwater you’ve got to make sure your kayak is capable of handling it. For those having trouble choosing the right kayak, a group of knowledgeable kayakers formed a guide at for the best kayaks of 2019. Beginners looking to make their first purchase will benefit from going over the options available, as it goes into detail about each kayak’s advantages and disadvantages, along with the budget required for each one.

kayak fishing
One of the great benefits of kayak fishing is that it allows you to drift quietly into places that can’t normally be reached.

  1. Get Used to Being Out on the Water

Rushing into kayak fishing can be a big mistake for first-timers as just getting used to being on the water can take a trip or two. Make sure you get acquainted with the water, your kayak, and pedaling through a couple of two-hour trips by just spending time on the water before you start fishing.

  1. Don’t Be Afraid to Reschedule

If your long-awaited plan to go kayaking with your rod has finally come around, but you realize that the weather is too windy or there are threats of rain, you shouldn’t try to force it. As annoying as it is, safety is the number one priority while you’re out on the water. If the weather conditions aren’t looking too great then the trip was meant for another day. This also applies to when you’re short on food/water or if you’re not feeling well enough to be out in the water that day as kayaking by yourself requires you to be in a very good state in both mind and body.

  1. Consult an Experienced Kayaker

Fishing on a kayak can be a very difficult task, especially when you factor in any weather conditions that strike at unexpected moments. Talking to a kayaker that has been doing this for a few years can provide you with a lot of information regarding what you should do to consistently have safe, successful, and enjoyable fishing trips. A person who has been doing this for a while can let you know the things to avoid while pointing you toward the things you should be doing. If you can consult someone in your specific area they can also guide you to the best fishing spots around you. If you can’t then there are tons of people on the internet who are always available to help you with your kayak fishing questions.

While there’s a lot you can learn from reading about this topic online, no amount of information can replace learning about all this compared to the first-hand experience. Going out on the water and trying your luck with the fish can be very relaxing and exhilarating at the same time and it also happens to be the best way to learn. Learning from trying out different things while out on the water can make you a much better kayak angler too, all you have to do is try.