A reliable watch with multiple features is not only useful for fishermen and anglers, in certain situations it could be a life saver.

When choosing a watch there are a few features to consider other than just telling the time. Your watch could easily get bashed against a rock or boat hull, so mechanical resistance is pretty important. Resistance to moisture is an obvious must have and the reliability of internal “fillers”.

Clocks with back lighting are something of a must-have whether you are night fishing it just inclined to have that one last case as it’s getting dark and the fish are starting to drop their guard. Depending on the strength of the miniature lighting system, this option can sometimes replace the full flashlight.

And with some anglers believing moon phases to be a vital component in when fish feed best, a watch which keeps you abreast of this area can also be a good choice.

The use of watches that track hydro-meteorological data – barometer, thermometer and hygrometer – can also be useful features for some.

The ideal solution could be a watch with a compass and a thermometer, equipped with an automatic backlight such as Breitling Superocean. This option will not be overloaded with features, but at the same time will provide all important information.

The leader in the sector of providing watches with multiple feature options is the Casio brand. Casio watches are well-known for high-quality assembly, trouble-free operation under the most difficult conditions and increased functionality alongside a compact size.

An example of a simple and high-performance watch that might be ideal for fishing is the Casio 704D watch, which is compact, comfortable and provides all of the features an angler might need.