A new ‘social’ betting platform will allow anglers to easily set up side bets with fishing mates, either with virtual currency or with real money.

TedBets.com, which is free to join, allows you send a text before a fishing match or session, throwing down a challenge to your angling mates.

You can effectively make any kind of challenge you want, from who will weigh in the most in an open or club match, to who will catch the biggest carp, chub, barbel or gudgeon over a session or even a season.

You can either deposit cash and bet with real money, or set up a virtual currency account with friends just for the fun of it, using 10,000 TedBucks. If you bet with real money, TedBets levy a 5% commission on the winning portion of the bet, up to a maximum of £10.

Tedbets CEO, Scott Burton said: “Even for those of us who might have given up on our dreams of professional sporting glory, we all care about winning or losing, and placing friendly wagers with friends helps keep things a little more interesting. As the gap between pro sports and amateur sports becomes smaller, we believe social betting is a natural evolution of online sports betting, and we look forward to making every match a little more competitive for our players.”

Total-Fishing.com’s Gareth Purnell, who writes the ‘Ibet’ column for The Independent newspaper group and runs his own sports betting iphone app, ‘Gareth’s Free Footy Tips’, said: “Match anglers in particular fish with money in mind and I can see them warming to TedBets. It means that even if you don’t frame in a match, you have the chance of picking up through some side bets with your mates who are fishing the same match. And the virtual currency adds a competitive fun element if you don’t want to risk real money. But it might also appeal to big fish anglers who can bet on who will land the biggest of a target species over a season. That’s going to get more anglers out there and fishing and anything that does that has to be good news.”

To find out more, and to start ‘Tedbetting’, visit www.tedbets.com