63 fished.

A low clear river along with blazing sunshine is generally a recipe for a tough days fishing, but Pershore rod Jim Smith found no such problems after drawing fancied peg 29 .

As this peg had won the match the previous weekend, Jim set about his day with confidence knowing that his swim was full of prime redfins, and that it was just a matter of waiting for them to feed!
Jim caught some gudgeon close in for the early part of the match, but fed a 13 metre line with hemp from the start and after 90 minutes slipped a grain on and landed the first of his 20 quality roach. At the final whistle, he put 8-8-8 on the scales to take victory.
At the far end of the match length on peg 75, the ever consistent Shakespeare Superteam Stalwart Leigh Gardner started on his six metre line where he found a shoal of hungry perch. He plundered this line for three and a half hours, topping up regularly with worm and maggot through a bait dropper. In the final 90 minutes Leigh added a few stamp roach on hemp to finish runner up with 8-0-0. Claiming third place was Daiwa Gordon league star Ian (Shep) Shepherd with 6-11-0 of hemp caught roach from peg 14.

1 Jim Smith 8-8-0 (peg 29)
2 Leigh Gardner (Shakespeare Superteam) 8-0-0 (peg 75)
3 Ian Shepherd (Daiwa Gordon League) 6-11-0 (peg 18)
4 Adam Baker 6-4-0 (peg 22)
5 Pete Jayes (Quorn Van Den Eydne) 5-14-0 (peg 36)
6 Sam Johnson 5-6-0 (peg 8)
7 Howard Kaye (Sensas) 4-12-0 (peg 52)
8 Gary Seadon 4-6-0 (peg 35)

Adam Baker
Pete Jayes
Tony Davis