Action Jackson

Lee comes up with a unique way of tempting a carp after witnessing his fellow anglers catching left, right and centre.


Advanced Angler ­ Frank Warwick

It¹s a welcome return to ACF for the Northern master. Frank talks philosophically about his approaches to catching carp.


Venue North ­ Shakerley Mere

These northern venues are hard to come by, but we¹ve managed to winkle out another one ­ and it¹s not grim!


Advanced Angler ­ Steve Hayes

The renowned Essex angler has spent the last four years setting up a carp syndicate. We follow his ups and downs in this first of two parts.


Session Diary ­ Dave Levy

The Walthamstow wonder continues catching steadily despite the unwanted attention of some feathered Œfriends¹.


Session Diary ­ Iain Macmillan

The bloke from Stoke is still seeking that illusive thirty before the seasons out.


Session Diary ­ Steve Renyard

Can this man do no wrong? The guy is a thirties magnet!


Forward Thinking ­ Paul Forward

The legend that is Paul Forward casts an independent view over some of the latest tackle.


Tackle Box

Are you struggling to find something to spend your money on? We doubt it, but here are some excellent reasons to get in trouble with your other half.


Venue South ­ Send Lakes

Tucked away in the Surrey countryside is a stunning three-lake complex offering some first class carp fishing.


Advanced Angler ­ Ian Stott

Elstow 2, the Mother and Scaley, in the same day, in winter! We have the full story from a very dedicated angler.


Advanced Angler ­ Lee Collings

For those on a budget and looking for an instant method of catching big carp (aren¹t we all come to think of it?), then this is the one.


Venue East ­ Mink’s Pit

This innocent looking lake on the side of the A14 holds one of the best stocks of carp anywhere in the country.


Advanced Angler ­ Tony Mills

This series has been going down a storm. This month Tony turns his attention to particles.


Tackle Awards

Your chance to vote for and win, what our readers think are the best products out there. There’s even a holiday up for grabs too.


Advanced Angler ­ Mick Perry

Carp fishing¹s very own pin-up Mick Perry explains his use of ground baits for catching carp. It¹s cheap and easy too.


Venue West ­ Fenrod

This Welsh lake is one to watch. The resident Simmos are piling on the weight and there are some quality commons as well.


Dynamite Comp

Do you fancy winning £200, yes £200 of Dynamite’s latest Meaty Marine bait, including boilies, ground bait, pop ups and dip.


Inside Angle ­ Dennis McFetrich

With 40 years of carp fishing and pioneering under his belt, we can all learn something from this carping maestro.


Reader Result

Three more readers get the chance to tell their story and win a set of Daiwa Longbow rods ­ can’t be bad?

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