February 2006

Do you want to catch more fish? Are you looking to trade up, or buy your first pole? Well, look no further than Advanced Pole Fishing – the UK’s only pole fishing monthly. This month, read about…


Shallow Fishing In Winter

Commercial ace Neil Machin highlights how you can catch on winter commercials using natural baits such as casters. Learn the tips and tricks of shallow pole tactics to put more fish in your net, even when the weather’s against you!


Chub On The Pole

Steve Ringer is one of the country’s biggest angling names, and in APF you can find out how he tackles rivers for chub on the pole. Find out what bait you should use, the tackle required and where to use it.


Jamie Masson On Bloodworm Fishing

In the second part of our guide to bloodworm fishing, bagging ‘god’ Jamie Masson shares his thoughts on using bloodworm and its feed compatriot, joker, to take a mixed bag on commercials.


Getting More From Additives

Mosella-backed Stuart Styles has been using bait additives for some time and his success rate is second to none. We join Stu at Woodland View in the Midlands to find out why he believes that spicing up your bait will catch more fish.



Pole Directory – The only pole buying guide in the UK

Your pole problems solved by England ace Will Raison

Top floats for attacking rivers on the pole

APF’s guide to tackling Hartley Lands Farm in Kent

Simon Willsmore on avoiding the dreaded blank


… and much, much more!


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