Advanced Pole Fishing

August 2006



Pellet, Pellets Everywhere *NEW SERIES*

Steve Ringer kicks off his new three-part series by putting together a large bag of canal fish… on pellets.



This Summer’s Number-One Method

Sensas Dams & Lock team man Michael Bedding has been taking Tunnel Barn Farm apart – using paste shallow! He demonstrates the tricks that have made him successful.



Deep Thinking

Garbolino Elton Tackle’s David Pimlott reveals how the pole can be the method to use when faced with a deep-water peg.



On Top Of The World

For success this summer, why not try surface fishing for carp? APF’S Mark Williams shows how.



Ask Will

England international Will Raison solves your pole fishing problems.



Inside The Mind

Daiwa Dorking’s Gary Hamilton explains his approach to a mid-week match at southern bagging water, Willinghurst.



Jungle Warfare

Want to know how to tackle snaggy swims on the pole? Yorkshire’s Gareth Sellars shows you how.



Top Tips

More tips to take you through August.



Shimano Competition

Your chance to win one of 10 Shimano Technium XTA Margin Poles and some quality Antares pole line.


Tackle, Tackle, Tackle!

More tackle reviews than ever before.