At, not only do we provide anglers with the best Amazon Giant Peacock Bass fishing in the World, but we also specialize in multi-species trips for incredible fish like the sabre-toothed Payara or Vampire Fish, Aimara or Wolf fish, the biggest Piranha in the world, pike-like Bicuda a yard long and a long list of big catfish that can pull your arms off, including the mighty piraiba catfish. specializes in taking adventure-seeking anglers to some of the most remote places in the Amazon Rainforest for fishing trips of a lifetime. With more than 16 years experience of organizing fishing expeditions deep into the mysterious, wonderful Amazon jungle and throughout South America, we want to introduce you to a totally different world where fisherman’s dreams really do come true.

While we focus mostly on the Amazon rainforest with its surrounding areas and watersheds particularly throughout Brazil, Guyana and Venezuela, we also offer other selected, exotic, hosted fishing trips to some of the most exciting angling destinations in Central and South America. We provide world class fishing in out-of-this-world locations.

Amazon Rainforest Fishing Trips For Everyone 
If you have ever dreamed of catching the hardest-fighting Sport fish, in a backdrop right out of Jurassic Park and the National Geographic Magazine, then our fishing trip packages are tailor-made for you.

Our trips are not only for anglers but also for photographers and wildlife enthusiasts. All of our Amazonian destinations give our guests close up and personal access to a multitude of birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians and insects.

Simply, we have it all and we want to take you into another world to show you the best of the best Amazon Rainforest fishing in the world. offers a number of different hosted packages that range from the family friendly to the hard-core. We cater for the solo angler, fishing partners, couples or even Father/son teams, both experienced and inexperienced and can give you a trip to remember for the rest of your life.

Anglers can fish for a week aboard our deluxe Floating camps or on one of our luxurious Riverboats for Giant Peacock Bass and other species. We have top Lodges and Retreats for the angler who would like to mix comfort with adventure, or maybe spend some time in one of our more rustic ‘Safari-style’ camps in Indian territory, for a vast array of Amazonian Sport fish in the Highland rivers. 

About Your Host 
If you have the taste for an exotic angling adventure in the Amazon Rainforest, then you need to come along with’s top host, Steve Townson.

Steve is a fishing and wildlife junkie and has travelled all around the world in search of adrenaline adventure fishing. He has been fishing all over South America, Europe, Africa and Australia and has hosted many clients in remote, far-flung camps, boats and lodges. 

Steve is the current and only Amazon Peacock Bass World Champion (2006 and 2007) and loves the thrill of being miles away from civilization, catching strange and exotic fish in some of the most beautiful locations in the world. 

Steve has presented and co-produced various Fishing TV series including Welcome To The Jungle and Fishing Expedition – Amazonia that have been viewed all over the World. 

Welcome to the Jungle and our Amazon Rainforest fishing trips!

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Steve Townson of with a mighty paraiba catifsh

Steve Townson of with a mighty piraiba
– the biggest catfish of them all.