For the third year in a row, the American Carp Society will host the 72-hour ultra-challenge “Tournament of Champions” on Lake Hominy, Oklahoma.

The October competition is presented by the Europe-based Dynamite Baits in partnership with ACS Tournaments.

“Hominy is a prolific lake with plenty of carp in the high 20 to low-mid 30 pound range,” says tournament director, David Moore. “While surrounded by the beautiful and picturesque lake in the crisp fall weather, even the highest caliber angler’s skill and endurance will be tested by this venue.”

The tournament is limited to only twenty-five two-person teams, and an entry fee of $500 is required to enter.

Prizes include tackle and equipment plus a cash prize pool that will be announced at a later date.

Details about the competition and how to register can be located on the American Carp Society website, or by email The American Carp Society is based in Bartlesville, Oklahoma and is dedicated to catch and release carp angling through good sportsmanship, sound environmentalism, steward ship of our lands and waters as well as the education of the sport. David Moore is a founding director of the organization and a visionary for the future of carp angling in North America. ACS Tournaments LLC is a division of the American Carp Society.