Fishing Swap Shop’s resident pundit Barry Goddard has certainly raised a few eyebrows this week with his controversial rant about bait boats on the revolutionary new website


Tipped to become the most outspoken character in the fishing community, the 42 year old carp fisher certainly doesn’t share in the passion for bait boats and has made his feelings on the subject crystal clear in this week’s ‘Barry’s Barrage’. And if you are wondering what exactly Barry feels about bait boats then here’s a little taster…


 You load up your little boat, fondle your little joystick and before you know it; it’s done a dump exactly where your bait is. Now where’s the art in that, I ask you, eh?”


“Barry has caused quite a stir in the fishing community, especially in the forums and we’ve had some great responses from the public to his opinions on bait boats which we’ve posted in our FSS forums” explains FSS Co-founder Lee Carver. And love him or hate him, with Barry’s longstanding reputation for ‘saying it like it is’ he has if anything, helped to raise the debate on traditional methods vs the vast array of hi-tech equipment that adorns the modern fishing market.


Launched on the 1st August, Fishing Swap Shop provides anglers with the opportunity to swap or sell their unwanted fishing tackle, as well as find out the latest news and reviews, discuss their tactics in the forum and read up on the latest tops from angling experts.


“Our swap shop allows members to list their unwanted items for swap or sale absolutely free” explains FSS co-founder David Carver. “We have been overwhelmed by the response to the site and Barry’s Barrage has raised our profile enormously in the fishing forums. People are beginning to really use the swap shop to its full potential and are clearly reaping the benefits”.


The swap shop also provides the opportunity for people who are thinking of taking up the sport by giving them the option to purchase cheap tackle to experiment with without the worry of breaking the bank.


To read Barry’s Barrage in its full un-edited glory, simply log-on to and don’t forget to voice your views on in the FSS forums.


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