After a cold wet week and water temperature drop of 4.75 deg fishing has still be great

Sunday 12th May 2019 open Lookout

sunny and overcast spells, ambient temp 11deg, ESE 11mph wind, barometer 1037 mb water temp dropped to 9.2 deg, DO 8.70, PH 8.85

1st John Foster 105lb 12oz peg 16
2nd John Dryden 89lb 15oz peg 30
3rd Dan Cunningham 81lb 14oz peg 13

Wednesday matches on Bowes names taken 9 am draw

Rain, Rain, and more Rain but cracking weights

Wed 8th May 2019 ton ups again !!!

ambient temp 6 deg, Wind chill from ENE 16mph, low barometer 994 mb. water temp dropped to 11.2 deg, ph 8.15, DO 8.4, mv 49

1st Danny Cuningham 243lb 11oz peg 22 (cracking balance on all weights in keepnets well done)
2nd Rob Emery 133lb 07 peg 2
3rd Nigel Beadsley 121lb 1oz peg 4