Records are being broken with match weight of 188lb 13oz by John Foster in 3 hours on Lookout Friday Evening, then with the size of fish and numbers of fish being caught by pleasure anglers its been a very productive week, as if the fish know autumn has moved in early and are feeding up well.

Paste out of angels 3mm pellets over angels 8 or 10mm pellets doing so very well and feed angels 6mm over the top to keep fish in swim.

Chopped worm, caster, maggots mixed with hemp great for silvers with some cracking bream over 10lb getting caught, large ide, orfe, rudd, roach, skimmers, tench all feeding well, some big crucians in good numbers also, and big perch also feeding up.

Plenty of fry also on all lakes so spawning was sucessful this year again  all spawn hiding in reeds, Bassetts has even tiny gudgeon so so small which have spawned.



Sunday 30th July 2016 open Lookout

Conditions:-  Chilly overnight with nip to early morning, ambient temp 16 deg, wind WNW 13mph,   barometer 1016mb,   water temp 17.7 deg, PH 6.98, DO 8.7, mv 27

1st Craig Crompton 81lb 9oz peg 4

2nd Norman Laing 58lb 6oz peg 42

3rd Ray Laing 56lb 8oz peg 1

4th Martin Craig 53lb 8oz peg 29

Friday Eve 29th July 2016 open Lookout


Conditions:- heavy overnight rain, followed by showers, ambient temp 16 deg, wind N4 mph, barometer 1009, water temp 18 deg, ph 7.00, DO 8.4, mv 23

1st John Foster 188lb 13oz peg 1

2nd Dave Pearson 86lb 7oz peg 32

3rd Boggy 59lb 08oz peg 3



Wed 27th July 2016 open Bowes  Ton Up,

Conditions:- Heavy rain overnight, Partly cloudy, ambient temp 19 deg, wind W 13 mph, barometer 1013 mb, water temp 17 9 deg, PH 7.65, DO 8.20, mv –20

1st George Corner  130lb 4oz  peg 40

2nd  Jonny Maver 101lb 12oz peg 22

3rd Peter Wilson   61lb 15oz peg 16


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