Some stunning silvers have been caught this week, with best bream was 11lb 9 oz , also huge crucians to 3lb 13oz in good numbers, Ray on peg 27 got over 10 in Sundays match, best carp out this week was 23lb 2oz a common, excellent Ide well over 3lb, even though its been a cold week with lots of rain wow where is our summer ,

Chopped worm and caster also maggot doing so well for silvers and paste banded pellet also expander pellet for carp feed angel pellets

Sunday 2nd Aug 2015 open Lookout

Conditions:- rain overnight and morning going to mostly cloudy,then rain again, ambient temp 16 deg, wind e 7mph, barometer 1016mb, water temp 15.9 deg, ph 7.08, DO 9.4 mv –44

1st Ray Laing 69lb peg 27

2nd Chris Pine 62lb 8oz peg 38

3rd Norman Laing 61lb 4oz peg 30

Fri eve 31st Aug 2015 open Lookout water levels rose 3 inches with all rain this week

Conditions heavy rain overnight, overcast with sunny spells, ambient temp 16 deg, water temp 15.4, ph 6.78, DO 9.8 mv –11

1st Craig Kent 48lb 6oz peg 1

2nd one foster 37lb 4oz peg 5

3rd David Hurbert 33lb 08 oz peg 16aa

Wed 29th July 2015 open Bowes

Conditions:- cold rain overnight, then cloudy with some torrential rain ambient temp 11 deg, wind WNW 6 mph swung to N E 8 mph, barometer 997 mb, moon phase waxing gibbous water temp dropped 11.2 deg, PH 7.33, DO 9.2, mv –29

1st John Dryden 78lb 02oz peg 4

2nd Alan Simmons 68lb 4oz peg 24

3rd Peter Wilson 39lb 4oz peg 34

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