Excellent catches this week with lots of anglers getting their best numbers of fish caught and also breaking their personal best in species weights.
Eric Winters from Portsmouth caught steady all day and ended up with 37 carp most over double figures with his best 23lb 10oz a mirror and a Bram of 9lb 1oz on Bowes 
On Lookout Dad John and daughter Emma Blenkinsop from Durham had a cracking day Emma on her 3 rd fishing lesson she caught up in the water and had a good rudd of 1lb 9oz, carp of 4lb 7oz which dad had to help land, and a range of tench, ide, orfe and perch. 
Bassetts has been very busy with angling coaching on every day this week and some good catches from everyone all being their first time at fishing. Best catches in a 3 hour session was 47 fish and the heaviest carp was 6lb 10oz and took some getting in on lighter tackle.

Sunday 14th July 2013 open Lookout  ton up 
Conditions:- Over night rain, then fair, ambient temp 27 mph wind calm then W 12, barometer 1024mb, moon phase waxing crescent, water temp 21.3 deg, PH 7,66, DO 4.56
1st John Foster 107lb 7oz peg 5 
2nd Dave Pearson 77 lb 8oz peg 42 
3rd John Dryden 47lb 9oz peg 13
4th Neil Brown 46lb 1oz peg 24
5th Chris Gowling 43lb 7oz peg 15
6th Graham Skirrey 43lb 6oz peg 3

Sat 13th July 2013  open Bowes 
Conditions:- Sunny and bright, ambient temp 25 deg, wind WNW 11 mph, barometer 1024 mb, moon phase waxing crescent, water temp 21.4 deg, ph 7.67, DO 4.48 aerators on 24/7
1st Jonny Trainor 82lb 8oz peg 34
2nd Alan Simmons 72lb 1oz peg 40
3rd Graham Skirrey 53lb 1oz peg 24

Wed 10th July 2013 open Bowes 
Conditions:- Mostly Cloudy, drizzle early, ambient temp 15 deg, wind NNE 7 mph, barometer 1029.2 mb, moon phase waxing crescent, water temp 20.4 deg, DO 5.27, PH 7.64
1st John Dryden 79lb 13oz peg 40 
2nd Alan Simmons 40lb 05lb peg 24
3rd Graham Skirrey 35lb 10oz peg 3

Monday Eve 8th July 2013 open Lookout and Bowes 
Conditions:- sunny, ambient temp 24 deg, wind ESE 7mph, barometer 1034.9mb, moon phase New, water temp 22.2 deg, PH 7.51, DO 4.96 aerators on 24/7 and extra one on Lookout 
1st John Dryden 57lb 10oz peg 4 Bowes
2nd Brad 48lb 5oz peg 40 Bowes 
3rd Chris Watson 46lb 03oz peg 2 Bowes
4th Alister Morris 45lb 11oz peg 24 Bowes 
5th John Foster 38lb 2oz peg 16aa
6th Andrew Sinclair 31lb 12oz peg 32 Lookout