Wednesday Summer Fun League 10/7/13
Holmedale Lake
25 fished
1st Andy Topham James Maude Linden AC peg 45, 94-14-0 
2nd Daz Staley Subfish peg 14, 85-12-0
3rd Mick Langton Sherwood Forest Fishery peg 28, 72-12-0
4th Kev Chaplin Sherwood Forest Fishery peg 21, 71-11-0  5th Matt Malia Wickersley Angling peg 36, 65-8-0
6th Andy Lakey Worksop Angling peg 17, 62-10-0
Andy drew peg 45 and fished the pole and pellet up in the water at the side of the island out at 16m catching steady all of the match he landed 30 carp – 8lb and finishing with 94lb 14oz. Drawn opposite the winner at peg 14 Daz also fished the pole and pellet up in the water landing 20 carp – 9lb finishing 9lb short with 85lb 12oz. 

Tuesday Open 9/7/13
Sherwood Lake
14 fished
1st Mark Watts Sherwood Forest Fishery peg 41, 80-4-0
2nd Dave Round Woodhouse Angling peg 38, 72-5-0
3rd Steve Richards Sherwood Forest Fishery peg 47, 60-11-0
4th John Wooff Sherwood Forest Fishery peg 40, 45-13-0
Mark made the most of drawing hot peg 41 he fished the pole and worm on the top 2 +2 down the margin landing 15 carp – 11lb and 10 bream – 3lb.

Holmedale Lake Open 4 hour evening Match
Sunday 7/7/13
30 fished  
1st Lee Hassett Gateford Angling Supplies peg 56, 134-14-0
2nd Andy Lakey Worksop Angling peg 19, 55-12-0 
3rd Nigel Shipman Sherwood Forest Fishery peg 20, 48-12-0 
4th Kev Allcock Sherwood Forest Fishery peg 14, 45-7-0
5th Matt Malia Wickersley Angling peg 50, 38-11-0
6th Craig Brazier Sherwood Forest Fishery peg 42, 38 -11-0
With the warm weather the carp decided to spawn again, and it was only Lee Hassett that found the fish in the feeding mood drawn at end peg 56 he fished the pole with meat and bread at 14m landing an all carp net with fish – 9lb in his total of 134lb 14oz. The best of the rest was Andy Lakey fishing the method feeder and pellet cast to the island landing 23 carp – 4lb + 10 skimmers – 1lb.