Wet week with water temperatures dropping, lots of good silvers getting caught with maggots chopped worm, and casters, pop some hemp in also, carp on paste and pellet  also multiple maggots and worm just keep feeding to keep them in your swim.


We also sell maggots, worm, caster, and range of bait for hooks, ground bait, end tackle and rods .

Sunday 3rd July 2016 open Lookout
Conditions:- partly cloudy, ambient temp 17 deg, wind WSW 9 changed direction tomph, barometer 1016 mb, water temp 12.1 deg , PH 7.56, DO 8.68, mv –521st John Nelson 69lb 9oz peg 52nd John Dryden 48lb 4oz peg 293rd Alan Mc Guire 39lb 9oz peg 24th Andrew Meadows 36lb 10oz peg 20

Fri EVE 1st July 2016 open Lookout
Conditions, water temperature dropped to 12 deg with all the cold rain in last week what a difference from a year ago.1st John Foster 88lb 09oz peg 132nd Peter Wilson 59lb 3oz peg 273rd Ray Laing  54lb 11oz on peg 24

Wed 29th June 2016 Open  Bowes soaking wet anglers again well done!
Conditions: Rain overnight, Rained all day , ambient temp 12 deg, barometer 996mb, water temp 14.2 deg, DO8.6, PH 7.41, mv –361st John Foster 64lb 12oz peg 402nd Alan Mc Guire 58lb 1oz peg 23rd Martin Craig 51lb 13oz peg 4

Wed 9am draw Bowes weekly
Friday Eve 5pm draw Weekly Lookout
Saturday 9am draw Bowes Fortnightly but this Sat
Sunday 9am draw Lookout every week all year