rd July 2016 Daiwa Hallcroft Open

Moat (39 Pegs)


• I Thompson, Doncaster

Island 43

153-4-0Ian Thompson won this well attended open with 40lb to spare. Ian fished shallow pellet at 13m and down the margins for carp to 12lb

• M Brownell, Little John

Island 73


Mick Brownell fished shallow with 6mm pellet and corn down the margin for 20 carp to 9lb

• D Robbins, Leegem

Island 32         Island 35

Danny Robbins also used up in the water tactics catching carp to 10lb

• N Stones, Doncaster

Island 52


• R Teigh, Handsworth

Island 61



2nd July 2016 Daiwa Hallcroft Open

Moat Outer (16 Pegs)


• J Temple, Hallcroft 52


Jamie Temple won this low weight affair from peg 52 on moat outer. Alternating pellet and meat at 13m Jamie caught 40lb of skimmers and 5 carp

• S Clark, Mansfield 4


Steve Clark fished worms over groundbait at 13m and bomb and pellet for his mixed net of carp and skimmers

• D Oldham, Maltby 12


Daz Oldham caught majority of his carp on corn and pellet down the margins

• J Wilde, Colmic 77


• G Wilde, Fishing Republic 88



July 2016 Daiwa Hallcroft Afternoon

Moat Outer (18 Pegs)

• S Stockley, Colmic 54


Shaun Stockley nearly broke the double ton with this win from outer 54. Shaun fished down the edge with corn, pellet and groundbait for carp well into double figures

• S Marshall, Leegem 79

122-3-0Steve Marshall fished banded 6mm pellet and down the edge with corn over groundbait for carp to 10lb

G Cooper, Mansfield 17


Greg Cooper fished shallow meat and pellet for carp and skimmers

• C Owen, Doncaste 31

84-10-0• N Hirst, Ackworth AC 61



30th June 2016 Daiwa Hallcroft Vets

Moat (37 Pegs)

• R Holmes, Notts Isl 121


Roger Holmes won this Vets match with an impressive 150lb. Roger fished shallow 6mm pellet at 12m for carp to 12lb

• S Taylor, Rotherham Isl 40


Steve Taylor continued his good run with this 2nd place. Steve also fished shallow pellet from peg 40 on moat island

• D Whiting, Buttonhole AC Out 51


Dave Whiting fished worms over maggots and hemp at 12m for carp and skimmers

• S Twigg, LeegemIsl 37 99-9-0

• R Teigh, HandsworthIsland 49 89-7-0


27th June 2016 Daiwa Hallcroft Veterans

Bridge Outer (15 Pegs)

• K Pacey, Gainsborough 17


Ken Pacey won this Vets open from peg 17. Ken fished paste over pellet at 12m for carp and skimmers

• S Taylor, Rotherham 39


Steve Taylor fished shallow 6mm pellet on long pole to catch 12 carp and a few skimmers

• D Whiting, Buttonhole AC 46


Dave Whiting fished worms and dead maggots for a mixed net

• D Farr, Ollerton 21 50-8-0

• T Sears, Hallcroft 34 44-9-0