Sunday 24th June 2012 open Lookout
Conditions:-Heavy overnight rain, then Rain and Showers,  ambient temp 11 deg,  wind WSW 4mph then swung to WNW 11mph,, barometer 1006.1 mb, moon phase waxing crescent,  Water temp 14.1 , DO 6.65 , Ph 7.6
1st Tommy Marshall 29lb 8oz peg 16aa
2nd Lewis Mac Intosh 27lb 13oz peg 15
3rd Chris Owers 25lb 13oz peg 13
4th Graham Skirrey 21lb 6oz peg 24
5th Dave Pearson 19lb 14oz peg 5
6th Peter Cairns 19lb 6oz peg 9
Saturday 23th June 2012 open Bowes
Conditions- Heavy rain overnight, followed by Windy, cloudy and some rain, ambient temp 16 deg, wind WSW 23 mph gusts to 31 mph, barometer 1010.2, moon phase waxing crescent, DO 7.62, water temp 14.2 deg, ph 7.73
1st Richard Wildman 62lb 12oz peg 3
2nd Jonny Trainor  47lb 1oz Peg 40
3rd Alister Morris jnr 39lb 5oz peg 1
4th Colin Pine 37lb 15oz peg 34
5th Chris Pine 26lb 2oz peg 36
Wed 20th June 2012 open Bowes
Conditions:- Fair, ambient temp 18 deg, wind E 11 mph, barometer 1018mb, moon phase New, water temp 14.9 deg, Ph 7.65, DO 13.1 ppm
1st Alister Morris JNR 64lb peg 35
2nd Jonny Maven Jnr  61lb 7oz peg 1
3rd John Foster 56lb 14oz peg 27
4th Shaun Howe 53lb 4oz peg 40
5th George Atkin 49lb 15oz peg 16
6th John Dryden 24lb 2oz peg 23
Some quantity of rain  has fallen this week and high winds Friday Saturday, but fishing is good with most species  through spawning , fish are hungry so some excellent catches are being recorded by pleasure anglers and match anglers.
Aiden Curry from Durham and his father from Cornwall spent a great day on Bowes and caught 32 carp between them as well as perch, tench, bream and orfe, they mainly used mussel but also tried Pellet covered in paste.
Gateshead’s Councils  going for gold on Sunday did very well and was fully booked up, with new anglers learning and catching fish everyone caught with 15 in one hour being the most and a common carp of 4lb 2oz being the largest caught on Bassetts and everyone enjoyed the experience of fishing.
Lookout had Dave Turner from Gateshead fishing peg 15  and estimated he had over 200lb in a 13 hour session, he ended up coming down to have some hot food just to give himself a break, he caught carp first and last thing and silvers through the middle of the day with a ghost carp of 15lb 2oz as his biggest carp and a tench of 7lb 9oz also a 4lb 2oz bream as his best silvers.