Tuesday 5th June Bowes
Conditions- Mostly cloudy, ambient temp 13 deg, wind SSE 9 mph, barometer 1010.2 mb, waning gibbous, water temp 13.2, PH 7.65, DO 8.85, mv 45
1st Peter Wilson 128lb 7oz peg 36 on paste
Monday 4th June 2012 open Bowes
Conditions:- Hailstones at first, then overcast then fair, ambient temp 10 deg, wind NE 8mph, barometer 1016.3 mb, moon phase Full, water temp 13.00, DO7.5, PH 7.89, MV 57
1st Dave Pearson 42lb 8oz peg 3
2nd Jonny Maven jnr 33lb peg 22
3rd Jonny Trainor 32lb 2oz peg 26
4th Kev 22lb 8oz peg 24 
Spring League Results
1st Chris Owers 45 points
2nd Rob Schindler 44 points
3rd Neil Brown 43pts
4th Dave Pearson 43pts
5th Eddie Collins 43pts
Sunday 3rd June 2012 open / League
Conditions- Cloudy, ambient temp 10 deg, wind ENE 11 mph, barometer 1011.9mb, waxing gibbous, water temp dropped 6.3 deg from yesterday!! now 12.7deg, PH 7.61,  DO 5.6  mv –41
1st Ricky Bennett 45lb 03oz peg 1
2nd Grahah Skirrey 23lb 13oz peg 16aa
3rd Steve Jaques 23lb 8oz peg 5
Section 1 Rob Schindler 20lb 04oz peg 25
Section 2 Martin Atkins 21lb 14oz peg 42
Section 3 Chris Owers 15lb 12oz peg 21
Section 4 Eddie Collins 12lb 3oz peg 3
Saturday 2nd June 2012 open Bowes Another TON UP
Conditions:- Mostly Cloudy then rain, and mist, ambient temp 11 deg, humidity 87%, wind ENE 10 mph, moon phase waxing gibbous, barometer 1018mb, Water temp 19.2 deg, PH 7.62, DO 7.2, MV –49
1st Dave Pearson 121lb 9oz peg 16
2nd Lee Slater 74lb 8oz peg 40
3rd Ben Huggins 44lb 5oz peg 3
4th Simon Knowels  42lb 7oz peg 24
Rest DNW
Cold day cutting cold wind
Friday 1st June 2012 open Lookout
Conditions-  Mostly Cloudy, ambient temp 12 deg,  humidity 69%, Wind NE 6 mph, Barometer 1020.3mb, moon phase waxing Gibbous,  water temp 18.1 dropped, DO 6.6 , PH 7.6, mv 45
1st Jonny Maven jnr 64lb 01oz peg 32
2nd Graham Skirrey 54lb 4oz peg 25
3rd Jonny Trainor 52lb 3oz peg 1
4th Alex Burton 40lb 15oz peg 24
Wed 30th May 2012 open Bowes  Another Ton up out!!!!!
Conditions:- Cloudy, Ambient temp 15 deg, Wind E 8mph, Barometer 1015.9 mb, moon phase waxing gibbous, water temp 17.4, PH 8.15, DO 9.55, mv 51
1st Alex Burton   102lb   peg 2
2nd Alan Mc Guire 95lb peg 26
3rd John Foster  92lb 1oz peg 36
4th  Peter Wilson 75lb peg 4
5th D Gardner 49lb 13oz peg 18
6th Richard Wildman 40lb 2oz peg 22
Peter Wilson pleasure fishing used pellet and Paste fishing peg 15 on Lookout tight in the right margin caught 60 tench, 61 carp, 10 crucians, 10 skimmers, he estimates  over 250lb,
John Graham from South Shields fishing peg 26 on Lookout with sweetcorn on hooks close to reeds caught 38 green tench, 5 golden tench, and 4 carp plus silvers on Saturday.
Fishing very well with good weights coming out