Good weeks fishing as fish feed up ready for winter untill first frost on Thursday morning 2 deg, the fish were feeding well up in the water, they have moved down to feed but if you work hard you can get them of the top. The cooler water temperatures have got the fish shoaling as well, feeding very hard at dusk and dawn which is great for season ticket holders.

 Richard Gough from Sacriston had his first Fishing session with Wear Valley Angling and caught 27 carp to 6lb on Bowes peg 9 , peg 1 on Bowes has had over 250lb out in a day session  with Josh Lanaster from Huddisfield fishing for the first time at the Angel caught 38 carp average of 7lb but including four double figured as well, he also caught two bream best was 9lb 13 oz his PB.

Peter Scott from Sunderland fishing peg 1 on Lookout caught well over 200lb but had to use several methods in close mid water then over to the far bank to keep fish catching. He also alternated from pellet, paste, maggot , best catches still on pellet, he also caught some cracking Ide and Orfe.

Maggot on cold mornings doing very well, and worm also when its cold has caught some good fish, pellet just keeps catching as the day warms up and fish move from the bottom or mid water up to warm in the sun and feed up in the water.

Bassetts still fishing excellently on Thursday when the wind was high this pond was calm great and sheltered when high winds.

Sunday 5th Oct 2014 open Lookout

Conditions- 2nd frost last night this week  cold clear skys,  fair. Ambient temp 14 deg,  wind S 12mph, barometer 1014.2 mb, moon phase waxing gibbous , water temp 9.8 deg, DO 8.95, Ph7.45, mv –31

1st Jonny Maven 48lb 15oz peg 22

2nd Trevour Wilson 40lb 14oz peg 16aa

3rd Chris Pine 37lb 15oz peg 38

4th Ben Huggins 36lb 6oz peg 28

5th Ray Laing 29lb 8oz peg 13

6th Colin Pine 28lb 2oz peg 5

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