More ton ups in matches and loads of catches or sometimes it’s been slow depending on time of day and weather conditions. However some large and very large fish in all species caught. All lakes are performing very very well, as fish feed up before winter just make sure you keep the feed going in to keep them in your swim.

Angel Pellet banded or double pellet is doing well for carp whilst maggot, chopped worm, cater and hemp are catching silvers. Cubes of luncheon meat, sweetcorn, are catching at a slower rate.

A good week ahead is forcast in ambient temperatures this should raise water temperature and increase the catch rates so don’t forget to feed.

Sunday 4th Sept open Lookout

Conditions: torrential rain overnight and rain this morning, followed by overcast ending up sunny, ambient temp 17 deg, wind N 5 mph, barometer 1013mb,  water temp 13.6 deg, DO8.40, PH 7.75, mv –40

1st Alan Mc Guire 78lb 8oz peg 5

2nd Reece Nordstrom 68lb 11oz peg 1

3rd Andrew Meadows 63lb 11oz peg 32

Saturday 3rd Sept 2016 open Bowes Ton Up

Conditions:- overcast then rain, ambient temp 15 deg, wind calm then S 3mph, barometer 1009 mb, water temp 13.9 deg, DO8.25, PH 7.55, mv 49

1st Dave Pearson 139lb peg 40

2nd Alan Mc Guire 65lb 14oz peg 24

3rd John Foster 48lb 13oz peg 22

Wed 31st Aug 2016 open Bowes TON UP

Conditions:- sprinkles at first,then sunny spells and overcast,ambient temp 17 deg, wind SW then W 20mph, barometer 1016mb, water temp 13.8 deg, DO 8.45, PH 7.38. mv 45

1st Dave Pearson 136lb  14oz peg 4 Mainly on bomb and 10mm pellet

2nd Alan Mc Guire 75.00 peg 22

3rd John Foster 50.01 peg 2 


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