Ton Ups and some cracking fishing on all lakes, with all species catching, weather and wind having effects on the fishing, so use watercraft when choosing pegs and choice of methods fishing.
Paste out of angel pellets, and banded angel pellets on hook over angel pellets over top to feed. Chopped worm, caster, and maggots all these baits are fantastic for catches.
Sunday 4th June 2017 open Lookout Ton Ups
Conditions:- partly cloudy some rain, ambient temp 16 deg, barometer 1013mb, wind WSW 12 mph, water temp 16.2 deg, DO 8.45, PH 7.65, mv –40
1st John Dryden 122lb.12oz peg 11 paste 13 meters few on tip
2nd Forest grump 109lb10oz peg 16aa paste down side
3rd Derek Fox 29lb 8oz 13 meters paste angel pellets
Saturday 3rd June 2017 Pairs Silver fish match Winners £500.00
Conditions sunny, ambient temp 18 deg , Wind NW 5mph, barometer 1013mb, water temp 16.9 deg, DO9.6, PH 7.81, mv 48
1st pair A Lepatovrel & D Smiddy
2nd P Close & C Metcalf
3rd N Pattinson & M Tully

Friday eve 2nd June 2017 open Bowes Ton up
Conditions: rain overnight and through day, then overcast and rain , ambient temp 17 deg, wind W 4 mph, barometer 1016mb, water temp (dropped 4 deg to) 16 deg, DO 7.55, PH 7.35, mv –26
1st Forest Grump 123lb 07oz peg 6
2nd John Nelson 96lb 15oz peg 37
3rd Ethan Bradley 94lb13oz peg
Wed 31st May 2017 open Bowes Ton up
Sunny, ambient temp 16 deg,wind ESE 11mph, barometer 1019mb, water temp 17 deg, ph 7.35, DO 6.95, mv –35
1st Forest Grump 131lb 9oz peg 22
2nd John Dryden 62lb 15oz peg 2
3rd Geordie Aitkin 59lb 10oz peg 4