4th June 2017 Sunday Open Match
Moat Pool – 37 pegs

L Hewison, Leegem Isl 30 114-1-0
Lee Hewison made it a double weekend with victory again today. Lee caught on the pole at 11m using 6mm pellets.
P Elliott, Leegem Isl 68 100-6-0
Paul Elliott took second place with just over the ton mark. Paul caught on bomb and 8mm pellet.
Andy Whitehouse, Scunthorpe Out 89 99-3-0
Andy Whitehouse continued his good run with third place. Andy caught shallow on pole and pellet.
S Clark, Mansfield Isl 23 93-7-0
N Vernon, Gainsborough Out 96 88-0-0
C Wharton, Sheffield Isl 47 87-9-0
3rd June 2017 Saturday Open Match
Moat Pool – 28 pegs

L Hewison, Leegem Out 75 131-6-0
Lee Hewison was the clear winner, fishing long pole shallow and on the deck with 6mm pellets.
D Oldham, Maltby Isl 38 103-10-0
Daz Oldham took second spot today using shallow pole tactics at 11m.
A Cordall, Bryden AC Out 103 94-12-0
Andy Cordall sneaked into to third spot with some decent carp caught on pole and pellet.
A Sellars, R&R Tackle Out 75 94-9-0
D Smith, Doncaster Isl 14 90-11-0
G Cresswell, Tuxford Out 108 89-14-0
2nd June 2017 Friday PM Open Match
Moat Pool Outer – 28 pegs

R Teigh, Handsworth 74 141-9-0
Rich Teigh continued his good recent form with a nice ton plus net of carp. Rich caught on the pole shallow at 12m.
S Clark, Mansfield 92 106-12-0
Steve Clark took second place with carp caught from his margins and short pole line using 6mm pellets.
A Sellars, R&R Tackle 44 94-0-0
Andy Sellars edged the close third place with carp caught on the waggled shallow in the middle of the lake.
N Hirst, Ackworth AC 47 92-3-0
A Berisford, Leegem 51 92-1-0
1st June 2017 Thursday Veterans Summer League
Moat Pool Outer – 31 pegs

R Butterfield, Worksop 9191-10-0
Roy Butterfield fished paste on his pole at 7m to catch carp and a few bream for the win today.
D Whiting, March 11276-13-0
Dave Whiting edged the close second place with some decent carp caught from the margins on worms.
S G Cook, New Packet Inn 98 74-7-0
Stephen Cook finished third with a net of carp caught on long pole and pellets.
K Crummey, Retford 6 69-0-0
D Dare, Marukyu 9 56-4-0
29th May 2017 Bank Holiday Festival
Moat Pool – 34 pegs

S Clark, Mansfield Isl 7 222-9-0
Steve Clark stormed to victory today with a magnificent 2 ton plus net of carp. Steve had to settle for second overall in the 2 day festival though, falling just a few pounds behind Andy Whitehouse the overall winner.
A Whitehouse, Scunthorpe Out 50 152-1-0
Andy Whitehouse ok second place today with another great net of shallow caught carp on pellets. Andy win the 2 day event with a total weight of 297lbs.
S Conry, Sheffield Out 10 143-0-0
Steve Conry fished corn and pellet to his margins for third place today.
L Payling, Peg One Isl 68 102-7-0
K Talbot, Sheffield Isl 58 102-5-0