Well a trying week with some 4 aerators getting  damaged and broken not by us  mmm

We now have 3 new aerators in the lakes, however  the electric gate getting forced open this afternoon and totally trashed has been a rather stressful week

Bowes new aerator  is not as big as previous one so trying to keep oxygen levels up has been difficult until we get a much larger aerator  we have closed Bowes

We also have stopped Saturday matches and this Wednesday will be the last Wednesday match 

Sunday matches will be as normal on Lookout 

 Wed 28th May 2014 open Wed eve

Conditions- Heavy rain all day,  then light rain, ambient temp 12 deg,  wind ENE 11 mph, barometer 1018 mb, moon phase new, water temp down 9.8 deg, PH7.12, DO 8.65, mv –45

1st John Foster 88lb 2oz peg 32

2nd Tony Watson 62lb 11oz peg 16aa

3rd Peter Wilson 55lb peg 1

Day match John Dryden 82lb 5oz peg 25

Sunday 1st June 2014 Lookout

Conditions- fair, ambient temperature, 19mph, wind SSE5 mph, barometer 1020mb, moon phase waxing crescent, water temp 14.6 deg, PH 7.71, DO 7.2, mv –72

1st Dave Pearson 37lb 15oz peg 7 Mosella Quaker pellet Waggler 

2nd Jonny Trainor 36lb 9oz peg 42

3rd Geordie Atkin 33lb 4oz peg 11

4th John Foster 31lb 13oz peg 13

5th Graham Skirrey 30lb 2oz peg 25

6th Neil Brown 29lb 4oz peg 31


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