Sunday 14th April 2013 open Lookout 
Conditions, Partly Cloudy,  ambient temp 14 deg, wind SSW 23 mph,  barometer 1000.3 mb, moon phase waxing crescent, water temp 7 deg, PH 7.97
1st Paul Jackson 77lb 04oz peg 15 with wind full on in face
2nd Ian Lumb 61lb 14oz peg 16aa again wind in face
3rd Alan McGuire 60lb 6oz peg 25
4th Shaun Walker 43lb 03oz peg 24
5th Chris Owers 42lb 09oz peg 29
6th Chris Gowling 39lb 14oz peg 32

Sat 13th April 13 open Bowes 

Conditions  Mostly cloudy, ambient temp 6 deg, wind SSE 4 mph, barometer 1007.1mb, waxing crescent, water temp rose to 6.8, DO 11.8, PH 7.99
1st Ray Laing 49lb 13oz peg 40 mostly silvers
2nd Colin Pine 48lb 12oz peg 22
3rd Chris Pine 44lb 5oz peg 24
4th Rob Emmery 31lb peg 2
5th Ben Huggins 20lb 14oz peg 4
6th Dave Pearson 14lb 14oz peg 34 
Wed 10th April 13 open Bowes 
Kim Christie 75lb 06oz peg 24 

At long last water temperatures creaping up to fish feeding temperatures, although 7 deg water temp  today the fish are switching on and IDE, ORFE and Perch all ready to spawn so feeding up well, Carp feeding now as well the wind spoiled an otherwise brilliant days fishing today. 
Paste and pellets now kicking in and maggot, worm and caster all doing well,