Daiwa Hallcroft Veterans Open: Monday 8 April 2013

Bridge Pool: 15 Pegs
A cold easterly wind put the carp off the feed on this Monday vets match.  1st R Turner (Retford); 13-12-0; Peg 35 Bridge Outer
A cold easterly wind put the carp off the feed on this Monday vets match.  Reg Turner fished maggot and pellet at 10m for skimmers and roach.
2nd I Donaldson (Notts); 12-12-0; Peg 46 Bridge Outer
Ian Donaldson fished caster and maggot at 8m for an all silverfish net.3rd L Hewison (Map Leegem); 10-12-0; Peg 8 Bridge Island 
Lee Hewison fished pellet and maggot for skimmers
4th N Wood (Hallcroft); 10-6-0; Peg 5 Bridge Island
5th A McCurdy; 10-4-0; Peg 13 Bridge Island

Daiwa Hallcroft Open: Tuesday 9 April 2013
Moat Pool (20 pegs)

1 P Schoof, Hallcroft, Peg Island 2; 42-10-0
There was a very tight finish for this first Tuesday afternoon match on moat pool with only 8oz separating top 3.  Paul Schoof fished paste over pellet on fancied peg 2 for 12 carp to 6lb
2/3 L Wright, Map Leegem, Peg outer 101; 42-2-0 G Westwater, Map, Peg Outer 109; 42-2-0
There was a tie for 2nd and 3rd with both anglers recording 42-2-0. Both anglers fished pole and pellet both short and long for carp and skimmers mixed.
4 R Teigh, Handsworth, Peg Island 22; 39-0-0
5 T Brown, Map Leegem, Peg Island 18; 31-12-0

Daiwa Hallcroft Veterans League: Thursday 11 April 2013

Moat Pool: 25 pegs
1st C Line (Retford); 45-6-0; Peg 64 Island
Local angler Chris Line alternated pellet waggler and pole and pellet for 7 carp to 12lbs.
2nd T Brown (Map Leegem); 42-12-0; Peg 73 Island
Tony Brown fished pellet cone with hair-rigged meat and corn for 10 carp to 8lbs.
3rd I Donaldson (Notts); 27-14-0; Peg 5 Island
Ian Donaldson fished maggot over pellet for 2 carp and 10lbs of silvers.
4th A McCurdy (Hallcroft); 27-12-0; Peg 94 Outer
5th A Beresford (Map Leegem); 26-12-0; Peg 18 Island

Daiwa Hallcroft Open: Friday 12 April 2013

Moat Pool: 22 Pegs
With the slightly warmer weather, weights improved for this first Friday afternoon match on Moat Pool.  
1st M Hall (Tuxford); 65-10-00; Peg 102 Outer
Mick Hall fished pellet on short pole and pellet over 4mm pellet into the margins for carp to 10lbs2nd A Favill (Tuxford); 61-14-0; Peg 2 Island
Andy Favill came 2nd from Peg 2 Island.  Andy fished caster and corn down the marginal reeds for 11 carp.3rd A Sellars (Doncaster); 59-0-0; Peg 94 Outer Andy Sellars fished hair-rigged meat on feeder for 9 carp and a few skimmers.
4th D Dare (Notts); 47-12-0; Peg 67 Outer
5th A Cordall (Bridon); 39-14-0; Peg 30 Island

Daiwa Hallcroft Open: Saturday 13 April 2013

Moat Pool (25 Pegs)
1st S Gray, Worksop, Peg Outer 10; 50-8-0
Stuart Gray got the verdict in this Saturday open with just over 50lb. Stuart fished pellet with groundbait feeder and micros for 10 carp and a few skimmers
2nd J Barningham, Harrisons Tackle, Peg Island 65; 44-8-0
John Barningham fished pole and pellet at 13m and added some late carp on hairirgged corn on tip for second place and 44lb
3rd L Hewison, Map Leegem, Peg Outer 36; 36-10-0
Lee Hewison also used feeder tactic alternating pellet and corn on the hook for carp to 7lb
4 M Edgecombe, Doncaster, Peg Outer 20; 27-14-0
5 J Thomas, Mansfield, Peg Island 38; 25-8-0

Daiwa Hallcroft Open: Sunday 14 April 2013

Croft (10 Pegs)
1 T Bennett, Doncaster, Peg 8; 70-10-0
Tony Bennett won this open on croft pool with 70lb. Tony fished pellet and corn short and into the margins for carp bream and tench.
2 P Miles, Doncaster, Peg 19; 47-14-0
Pete fished short pole with expander pellet over micros for skimmers and tench and 47lb
3 J Skipper, Gainsborough, Peg 22; 36-12-0
Jason also used pellet to good effect for his mixewd bag of fish
4 G Leversidge, Maryuku, 35-10-0
5 J Urruty, Mansfield, 28-10-0

Map Leegem/ Marukyu League: Sunday 14 April 2013 

Moat Pool (60 Pegs)
1 L Hewison, Map Leegem, Peg Island 2; 63-10-0
Strong winds made pole fishing nearly impossible for this latest Leegem league match on moat pool. Lee Hewison alternated short pole and pellet and pellet cone with hair rigged corn for 15 carp to 6lb
2 B Sullivan, Maltby, Peg Outer 104; 44-12-0
Brian Sullivan also fished short pole and pellet for his carp dominated net, the biggest fish weighing 9lb
3 S Spurr, Map Leegem, Peg Outer 21; 42-12-0
Steve Spurr fished meat over pellet at 6m and into the margins for carp to 7lb
4 P Tatley, Little John Lakes, 34-11-0
5 N Vernon, Gainsborough, 32-11-0
6 P Bagshaw, Barnsley Blacks
7 G Gibson, Worksop AC
8 A Sellars, Doncaster