Fish are Feeding up after the  long winter with catch rates starting to rise, some exceptional silvers being caught on all lakes, Carp are now moving about looking for food instead of being in tight shoals. Best Roach 2lb 3oz by Alan Shields on Lookout peg 22, best carp 16lb 6oz on Bowes peg 16
Good ide out of Lookout and Bowes and all other species now feeding up at last. Still fishing great at dusk with season ticket holders taking advantage of late hours fishing.
High numbers of tench and golden tench being caught with worm and caster cocktails proving to be very good hook bait. Paste, pellet, cubes of luncheon meat, mussel all working as hook baits.

Sunday 21st April 13 open Lookout oz seperates top 3, 
Conditions:- overcast, ambient temp cool then rose to 10 deg, wind SSw 13 mph,  barometer 1013.2 mb, moon phase waxing gibbous, water temp 10.6, DO 14.3, PH 7.82
1st Peter Cairns 54lb peg 22
2nd Neil Brown 53lb 14oz peg 2
3rd Peter Jackson 53lb 5oz peg 3
4th Graham Skirrey 51lb 4oz peg 25
5th Chris Owers 49lb peg 1
6th Ian Lumb 46lb 9oz peg 15

Saturday 20th April 2013 open Bowes
Conditions  heavy overnight frost, (thought these cold frosts were gone!) fair, ambient temp 16 deg, wind SW 15mph, barometer 1028 mb, moon phase waxing gibbous, Water temp dropped to 9.8 deg, PH 7.93, DO 13.4
1st Jonny Trainor 47lb 1oz peg 34
2nd Lee Slater 36lb 3oz peg 40
3rd Mick Babbs 33lb 5oz peg 24
4th Richard Wildman 29lb 7oz peg 4
5th Neil Brown 29lb peg 26
6th Colin Pine 24lb 3oz peg 36

Wednesday 17th April 2013  open Bowes 
Conditions Partly Cloudy, then rain early on, ambient temp 18 deg,  high winds 20 mph,with gusts to 33 mph, low barometer 998 mb, moon phase waxing crescent, water temp rose to 10 deg, PH 7.85, DO 12.5
1st John Dryden 52lb 12oz peg 40 mostly carp ,
2nd John Foster 25lb 7oz peg 23 
3rd Kim Christie 18lb 7oz peg 3