Some good tench and carp have been caught and silvers also catching well, with water temp slowly rising to 5 deg and fish at last slowly starting to feed just need the water temp up above 8 deg and the fish will switch on.  Best carp out was 19lb 7oz a common on bowes by alan white from yorksire,  carp are starting to catch on pellet , maggot working best for silvers. 

Sunday 7th April open Lookout
Conditions overnight –2, then partly cloudy, ambient temp 5 deg feels like 2 deg, wind calm then ENE 11mph very bitter wind, barometer 1018 mb, Moon phase waning crescent, ph 7.98, DO 12.4, water temp rose tp 4.9 deg

1st Shaun Walker 24lb 10oz peg 3
2nd Graham Skirrey 23lb 15oz peg 15
3rd Mike  Babbs 21lb 3oz peg 16aa
4th Kim Christy 20lb 7oz peg 12
5th Andy Sinclair 19lb peg 24
6th Steve Mc Court 18lb 6oz peg 25

Sat 6th April 2013 open Bowes 
Conditions overnight –3, then sunny ambient temp a wow 10 deg!, wind calm then wnw 5 mph ,  barometer 1025.1, water temp rose 2 deg to 4.1 deg, PH 7.95, DO 12.6

1st Kim Christie 32lb 8oz peg 22
2nd Robbie Emmery 24lb 5oz peg 4
3rd Chris Pine 17lb 5oz peg 40
4th Ray Laing 16lb 6oz peg 22
rest dnw

Wed 3rd April 13 open Bowes 

Conditons   overnight –3, overcast, E wind 12 mph, ambient temp 3 deg, water temp 2 deg, DO 11.6, PH7.65
1st Gordon 25lb 3oz peg 24

2nd John Dryden  15lb 13oz peg 25
3rd Graham Skirrey 8lb 12oz peg 22