Sunday 28th Aug 2011 open/league Bowes
Conditions: – after a week of heavy rains and calm with no winds today was overcast and windy W 25 mph with Gusts to 35 mph, barometer 1008.5 mb, moon phase waning crescent, water temp dropped to 14.6 after all rain this week, Ph 7.85, DO 9.35, mv 46,
1st Tony Watson 56lb 12oz peg 25
2nd Chris Gowling 53lb 14oz peg 16aa
3rd Neil Brown 33lb 13oz peg 7
4th Chis Owers 31lb 15oz peg 14
5th Anth Richardson 30lb 11oz peg 31
6th George Atkin 30lb 8oz peg 32
Sat 27th Aug 2011 open Bowes
Conditions, rain, ambient temp 12 deg, wind calm, barometer, 1006.8 mb, moon phase waning crescent, water temp 15.9, DO 7.1, PH 7.71, mv 46
1st Martin 58lb15oz peg 3
2nd Alan Mc Guire 31lb 6oz peg 40
Wed 24th Aug 2011 open Bowes Day match 9am draw
Conditions: heavy fog at start, cloudy, ambient temp 18 deg, humidity 81%, wind SW10 mph, barometer 1007.2mb, moon phase waning crescent, water temp 15.9 deg, PH 7.55, DO9.1, mv 35
1st Phil Robertson 54lb peg 18
2nd Alex Burton 53lb peg 4
3rd Alan Mc Guire 46lb 3oz peg 40
4th Jonny Maven jnr 43lb 01 peg  16
5th Ray Wallace 26lb 10oz peg 34
6th Ricky Bennett 22lb 01 peg 2
The rain this week has dropped water temperatures to 13 deg unheard of in previous Augusts, however it has also lead to a 2 foot thermal warm layer of water as it has been so still this week, the fish are favouring this warm layer when getting caught, this warmer layer varies up or down in the water depending on barometer, however this layer mixed in with the rest of the lake water when the winds came on Sunday,
All species of fish are feeding well as the know shorter daylight hours means autumn approaches
Fishing has been fantastic during dusk and dawn for carp with some very good large carp coming out on mussel, Ian Dixon caught both a large mirror and a large common on the same evening both on mussel. Other successes for carp have been with conker and worm with Jon Ethrington from Blyth also getting a large common of 26lb 4oz at dusk; on the same evening Ian caught which was Wednesday.
Some cracking silvers have been caught with good ide, large bream as well as a crucian of 3lb 10oz, good rudd, roach, perch, Orfe, skimmers, and tench all catching well feeding up as autumn approaches. Carp catching best between early mornings then late evening,
Fishing well for carp and for silvers this proved a great pond in the heavy winds, as it is so sheltered,