Sunday 19th Aug 2012 open Lookout Conditions:- Sunny, then rain and showers, ambient temp 16 deg, wind calm then E 6 deg,  barometer 1015.9,  moon phase waxing crescent, water temp  18.2 deg, PH 7.45, DO 7.2, 

1st Chris Owers  140lb 15oz peg 16aa
2nd Steve Mc Court 80lb peg 3
3rd Geordie Atkin 60lb 12oz peg 11
4th John Foster 59lb 13oz peg 25
5th Tommy Cullerton 52lb 7oz peg 5
6th Liam Shilling 47lb 13oz peg 29

Sat 18th Aug 2012 open Bowes  Ton UP!!!
Conditions,  heavy overnight rain, partly cloudy, ambient temp 23 deg, wind SW 12 mph, barometer 1011.2, moon phase New, water temp 18.9 deg, PH 7.45, DO 6.95

1st Jonny Maven jnr 100lb 14oz was 107lb 14oz went over net, peg 2 and GP, Ton UP
2nd Tommy Marshall 91lb 12oz peg 4
3rd Colin Pine 65lb 8oz was 72lb 1oz went over net peg 24
4th Dave Pearson 64lb 08oz peg 35
5th Chris Pine 63lb 7oz peg 40
6th Simon Mouals  27lb 10oz peg 22

Thursday 16th Aug 2012 Lookout & Bowes  RCSL Team Championship 2012 
Conditions  mostly cloudy, ambient temp 21 deg, wind SW 13 mph, barometer 1010.8mb, moon phase waning crescent, water temp 17.9 deg, DO 6.95, PH 7.35
1st Alan Mc Guire 81lb 8oz peg 22 Bowes
2nd A Weare 81lb 1oz peg 2 Lookout
3rd Richard Wildman 76lb 01oz peg 9 Lookout 
4th T Tiehene 60lb 14oz peg 3 Bowes
5th N Robinson 59lb 15oz peg 4 Bowes
6th M Gaylard 57lb 04 peg 40 Bowes

Tuesday 14th Aug 2012 Open Bowes
Conditions:- Sunny , ambient temp 23 deg, wind SSW 6mph,  barometer 1009.1 mb, moon phase waning crescent, water temp 18.9 deg, ph 7.55, DO 7.21
1st Dave Pearson 73lb 01oz peg 40
2nd Richard Wildman 63lb 09oz peg 24
3rd Jonny Maven 57lb 10oz peg 22
4th Alan Mc Guire 47lb 04oz peg 18 
5th John Dryden 46lb 02oz peg 35
6th Rob Emmery 42lb 09oz peg 1

Excellent fishing this week as water temperatures remain high and fish are feeding at a high rate, Angling coaching has went great with all catching large numbers of fish and enjoying the sport, the youngest was 4 and she caught more than her dad which was great.and BAssetts fishing at fish a chuck still.
Bowes and Lookout both producing hundred pound bags in five hours in the match on Saturday, and Sunday, hooks are being straightened and line snapped as the fish feed and give good sport so make sure you are tackled up correct.