Charity MatchHolmedale Lake Saturday 18/8/12  23 Fished  
1st Matt Malia Wickersly Angling peg 33, 108-1-02ndNigel Shipman Sherwood Forest Fishery peg 20, 99-10-03rd Mick Langton Sherwood Forest Fishery peg 36, 83-9-04th Pete Hodgetts Sherwood Forest Fishery peg 42, 81-2-05th Alan Warren Phil’s Bait & Tackle peg 9, 79-6-06th Greg Cooper Middy/Subfish peg 17, 69-8-0Winning with his first ever ton weight Matt Malia fished the pole and pellet up in the water at peg 33 landing 20 carp – 8lb + skimmers and roach -1lb weighing in 108lb 1oz. 2nd place went to Nigel Shipman drawn in the shallow bay at peg 20 fishing the pole and pellet he had 40+ carp – 4lb just missing out on the 2nd ton weight with 99lb 10oz

Holmedale LakeSunday 12/8/12  24 Fished1st Martin Brown Eastwood Angling peg 21, 128-0-02nd Roy Butterfield Gateford Angling Supplies peg 27, 104-8-03rd Ben Holmes Matrix Trentman  peg 56, 94-12-04th Mark Crewe Mansfield Piscatorial AS peg 25, 78-4-05th Nigel Shipman Sherwood Forest Fishery peg 34, 76-12-0 6th Craig Humphries Sherwood Forest Fishery  peg 42, 70-8-0Martin again at the top of the list winning from any peg at the moment, this time he drew peg 21 fishing the pole and paste down the margins he landed carp – 8lb in is net of 128lb Roy in 2nd place also fished the pole and paste down the margin for the only other ton weight with 104lb 8ozTuesday 14/8/12 13 fished Sherwood lake 1st Dave Round Mansfield Busman AC peg 41, 58-14-0 2nd John Holmes Sherwood Forest Fishery  peg 47, 51-14-0 3rd Mick Burrell Gateford Angling Supplies peg 61,36-7-0 Dave fished the pole and caster for Ide & Skimmers and the pole and worm down the margin for 5 carp -7lb for 58lb 14oz. 2nd placed John Holmes fished the pole and pellet for 48lb of skimmers and two small carp for 51lb 14ozWednesday Fun League 15/8/12Holmedale lake22 fished1st  Steve Keyworth Sherwood Forest Fishery peg 39, 145-12-02nd John Evans James Maude Linden AC peg 9, 119-15-03rd Pete Hodgetts Sherwood Forest fishery  peg 42, 116-14-04th Mick Langton Sherwood Forest Fishery peg 23, 113-2-05th Andy Lakey Worksop Angling peg 51, 108-7-0Steve fished the pole and paste down the margin on this monsoon rainy day at one point it was a carp every put in he landed over 30 fish – 9lb putting a total of 145lb 12oz on the scales. 2nd went to John Evans at peg 9 he fished the pole and paste out at 11m and the pole and corn down the margin for carp – 7lb just finishing in front of the rest  with 119lb 15oz.