Happy 2014 everyone may you have health, happiness, love and peace as well as lots of fishing, Wow what a week Thursday all lakes were frozen, Friday winds in excess of 57 mph, Saturday a millpond calm, however fish being caught are some carp, some very good rudd, roach, good perch some well over 2lb,  ide and bream together with skimmers. 
Fish Light tackle, 16, or 18 hooks, big bream coming of bottom shelf very close in, whilst rudd and ide are up in the water taking maggot on the way down, be carefull bring the fish to the landing net most losses are right at the net just slow down don’t be to fast to get them in, with this cold water temperature the bites are shy and not fully taken so easy to loose the fish of if you are impacient. 

Sunday 29th Dec 2013 open Lookout
Condtions:- Fair ambient temp 6 deg, wind SW 7 mph, barometer 1012.3 mb, moon phase waning crescent, DO 8.95, Ph 7.55, Water temp 2.8 deg
1st  Chris Pine 18lb 7oz peg 13
2nd Alan Mc Guire 14lb 9oz peg 1
3rd Martin Craig 12lb 6oz peg 24

Friday 27th Dec 2013 an extreame weather conditions match 
Condions:- Frozen lakes on Thursday and defrosted overnight with rain and wind, ambient temp 8 deg, wind SSW 29 swinging to SW 37mph gusts to 57 mph, low barometer 961.7 mb, moon phase waning crescent, water temp 2 deg, PH 7.55  DO 8.95,
1st Rob Emrey  23lb 5oz  peg13
2nd P Cairns 17lb 3oz  peg 5
3rd John Foster 10lb 1oz peg 32