29th December 2013 Sunday Teams of 4 Silverfish League
Moat/Bridge Island – 32 pegs

 A Oldham, FrenzeeM Out 2317-7-0
A cold frosty start to the day knocked the weights down a bit today, but Andy Oldham managed a nice net of roach to win today. Andy fished caster over groundbait and joker and netted over 200 roach in his winning net.
 P Morgan, Daiwa DrawbagsM Out 3215-6-0
Phil Morgan took second spot also with a net of all roach caught on long pole with Bloodworm and Joker over groundbait. 
S Shepherd, WorksopB Isl 414-9-0
Steve Shepherd fished pole with maggot and pellet at 12m to catch a nice mixed net of skimmers and perch for third place.
A Payling, Peg OneB Isl 1814-9-0
J Barningham, Lincoln Wisby B Isl 1513-9-0

28th December 2013 Saturday Winter Carp/Silver
OpenMoat Pool – 22 pegs
L Hewison, MAP LeegemOut 3533-12-0
Lee Hewison was today’s clear winner with carp caught on a tip rod with bomb and hairrigged corn and meat
B Poole, Bag’emOut 2618-10-0
Bob Poole took second overall and first prize in the silverfish as he netted all roach on caster over groundbait and joker.
S Twigg, MAP LeegemIsl 7115-10-0
Steve Twigg edged third spot with bomb caught carp using corn.
G Mumby, Team Frenzee Out 614-8-0

26th December 2013 Thursday – Boxing Day Carp/Silver
MatchMoat Pool – 18 pegs
N Shipman, ClowneIsl 6134-11-0
The heavy frost and flat condition knocked the weights down a bit today. However, Nigel Shipman managed to find some feeding carp on his pole line using expander pellet over feed for victory
S Gilbert, LincolnIsl 5719-14-0
Steve Gilbert stuck it out on the tip with hairrigged corn to catch the odd carp for second place.
G Mumby, Team Frenzee Out 2214-11-0
Gary Mumby made it to Silverfish wins in a row as he netted nearly all roach on the pole at 12m using bloodworm and joker. 

24th December 2013 Tuesday – Christmas Eve Carp/Silver
MatchMoat Pool – 17 pegs
W Lomas, MAP Leegem Out 2128-11-0
Wayne Lomas had top weight overall with carp and bream all caught on the pole at 10m using 6mm expander pellet over micro feed pellets.
S Twigg, MAP LeegemIsl 5027-2-0
Steve Twigg finished second overall fishing similar tactics to Wayne, but he caught further out at 13m on the pole.
G Mumby, Team FrenzeeIsl 4723-8-0
Gary Mumby finished third overall, but won the silverfish prize the a net of all roach, perch and skimmers caught on caster over groundbait and Joker.
K Baxter, MosboroughOut 2623-8-0