A mixed week of catches from good carp sessions to good silver sessions then if frosty overnight a struggle to catch more than a few good fish till later in day, water temp come up then the frosts bang it down again, it is fishing much better at dusk with some larger carp catching then.

 Sunday 10th Feb 2013 open  Lookout 

Conditions:-  heavy frost overnight to –3, with lakes half frozen overnight,  then ambient temp rose to 3 deg, partly cloudy with sleet, wind SE13 mph,  barometer 993.1 mb  moon phase New, water temp 1.6 deg, PH 7.85, DO 12.6  

1st Ray Wallace 14lb peg 14
 2nd Peter Cairns 8lb 6oz peg 11
3rd John Foster 7lb 13oz peg 29  

Wed 6th Feb 13 open lookout (because of conditions) 

Conditions, heavy rain overnight sleet and then some snow/hailstones, followed by partly cloudy , hail, snow showers, ambient temp 3 deg feels like –2,  wind NNw 15 mph gusts to 35  mph, barometer 1013.8 mb, moon phase waning crescent, water temp 2.6 deg, PH 7.65, DO 12.6  

1st Graham Skirrey 7lb 3oz peg 24 all caught in last 45 to 60 mins
2nd Richard Wildman 6lb 2oz  peg 25