Some interesting results over the last few days and the holiday period 97lb 2oz of carp on peg 23 being the top weight out of Bowes by Jimmy Messa,
Lookout produced several 50lb plus weights with young Jonny Maven winning on several occasions with 51lb 5oz,
Bassetts has also been very productive especially in the smaller matches with a 51lb winner, a 41lb 9oz winner Alan Mc Guire. On paste (water temp was 3.1 on this day amazing)
Whilst Derek Potter fishing peg 3 on Bowes Saturday using 10mm banded angel pellets on bomb, straight through the islands caught 17 carp smallest was 5lb, amazing considering water temperature of 2 deg, .
Best baits are banded pellets, expander pellet, maggot, and sweetcorn, however fish are being caught on paste even though the water temperature is so low as 2 deg.
Fish are shoaled and you need to get ontop of the shoals to get good catches.
Happy New Year we have just returned from a month abroad for recuperation for Arthur after his major cancer operation in August but he is doing great and we pray he is fully over the cancer now..