Sunday 19th June 2011 open Lookout
Conditions:-  rain and showers, ambient temp 14 deg, wind WNW 3mph, barometer 1003.7 mb, water temp 15.1 deg, DO 8.1, PH 7.9,  MV 52
1st Peter Cairns 48lb 13oz peg 5
2nd Graham Skirrey 47lb 7oz peg  16aa
3rd Neil Brown 45lb 1oz peg 3
4th Groff Lincoln 41lb 11oz peg 7
5th John Foster 39lb 7oz peg 42
6th Anth Richardson 37lb 11oz peg 1   also Tony Watson 37lb 11 peg 31
Saturday 18th June 2011 open Bowes
Conditions, Light rain,  ambient temp 13 deg, wind NW 6mph,  barometer 995.1 mb, moon phase waning gibbous, water temp 16.4 deg, Ph 7.51, DO 11.2, mv 18
1st Lee Slater 66lb 4oz peg 16
2nd Neil Brown 52lb 6oz peg 4
3rd Kin Christie 36lb 14oz peg 40
4th Mark Carlin 31lb 15oz peg 2
5th Ray Wallace 31lb 5oz peg 32
Friday afternoon 17th June 2011 open Lookout
Conditions , partly cloudy, ambient temp 18 deg, humidity 49%, barometer 1001.2 mb, moon phase waning gibbous, water temp 16.6 deg, DO 12 ppm, ph 7.45, mv 67
1st Keith Ainsley 77lb 6oz peg 1 all silvers (went over 1 net  was 84lb 5oz)
2nd John Foster 70lb 15oz  peg 16aa
3rd Graham Skirrey 63lb 1oz peg 25
4th Alan Mc Guire 53lb 14oz peg 15
Wednesday Eve  15th June 2011 3 hour open Bowes
Conditions, Partly cloudy, ambient temp 17 deg, wind SSW 9 mph,  barometer 998.6 mb (Low)
Moon phase Full, water temp 16.4 deg, DO 7.4, PH 7.65,
1st Alan Mc Guire  48lb 9oz  peg 2
2nd Neil Brown 45lb 10oz peg 32
3rd Ray Underwood 41lb 6oz peg 8
4th Keith Ainsley 41lb 3oz peg 36
5th Martin Lewins 40lb 13oz peg 18  Jnr
6th Jonny Maven 38lb 13oz peg 16  Jnr
Matches through Summer all opens please phone to put your name down 0191 4100449
Sunday Summer League starts 3rd July fish 12 matches drop 4 lowest scores
Friday afternoon 1pm draw fishing 2pm to 7pm Lookout
Saturday 9am draw fishing 10.30 to 3.30 pm Bowes
Sunday  9am Draw fishing 10.30 to 3.30 pm  Lookout
Wed eve 5pm draw fishing 6 to 9 pm Bowes
Doug Peel fishing peg 28 on Bowes caught 40 carp average weight was 7lb as well as a bream at 6lb and tench, ide, roach, on Tuesday 14th   he hit over 200lb of fish to 5.30 pm,
Ian Chandler fishing Lookout peg 16aa on Tuesday fished first half day for silvers and seceond part of the session for carp and caught 126lb of silvers and 136lb of carp all on angel paste and pellet
Bassetts fishing exceptional with carp and silvers being caught close in.
Pleasure saying they are having the best days fishing they have ever had this week.
Angling Coaching available on Saturdays 9am to noon as well as bookings for through the week, phone to make bookings please