XPG  Xpanda Green groundbait – New for 2011
The purest crushed green coloured expander groundbait. An active mix best used in shallow water for carp, F1’s, bream and skimmers.

XPD  Xpanda Dark groundbait – New Oct 2010
Use this groundbait to catch Carp, F1’s, Bream & Skimmers, and its made from the purest crushed expander pellet which is perfect for clear water and winter fishing.

XP   Xpanda groundbait
Fabulous light fluffy groundbait made with expander pellets as its main ingredient. It is ideal for shallow waters as it creates a light coloured cloud that carp and skimmers can’t resist.

All £3.99 for 700g. Order online at bagem.co.uk or call for a free brochure 0845 882 3456