Some cracking ton ups this week Monday eves match in three hours produced 135lb 2oz by Mike Babbs on Lookout peg 25, Chris Owers produced 120lb 02oz on Bowes peg 24 then Jonny Trainor produced 101lb 5oz on peg 40 Bowes on Sats match so good and productive week despite bright sun shine 

A great weeks fishing get the bait correct and fish in margins up in the water for some excellent catches. Or across to the island tight to the reeds, or even 4 meters out up in water for Rudd some good bags being caught.
Derek Fox from Middlesbough  got 7 bream over 8lb best was 11lb 2oz on peg 16 Bowes as well as tench, carp and silvers all caught on chopped worm tipped with caster, then changed to paste made out of angel 3mm pellets and had 16 carp best was 11lb 1oz a mirror.
Jimmy Hagan from Washington had a very productive Sundays fishing with a double figured carp,  many other carp, chub, tench, on mussel and some on paste.
Some cracking catches also on Lookout where 14 yr old Antony West had 12 carp, 8 crucian carp,  22 silvers best rudd over 1lb, skimmers, and 3 tench all in a hald day session.
Bassetts still catching well with all learners on Sat morning having some fab catches, though they were very very warm as this pond is so sheltered.
Best hook baits maggot, worm, caster, paste (make some out of angels 3mm pallets) pallet, cubes of luncheon meat, mussels, sweetcorn, 

Sunday 9th June 2013 open Lookout
Conditions:- Mostly Cloudy,  ambient temp 12 deg, wind ENE 8 mph, barometer 1019 mb, moon phase New, Water temp 17 deg, PH 7.65, DO 7.01
1st Chris Owers 71lb 7oz peg 1 inc gp
2nd Graham Skirrey 46lb 12oz peg 38
3rd John Foster 40lb 7oz peg 3
4th J Messa 29lb 12oz peg 13
5th Ian Lumb 23lb 2oz peg 15
6th TC  21lb 2oz peg 42

Sat 8th June 2013 open Bowes TON UP
Conditions:- cloudy and bright at times, ambient temp 15 deg, wind ENE 12 mph, barometer 1022 mb, moon phase New, water temp 16.9 deg, PH 7.62, DO 6.15
1st Jonny Trainor 101lb 5oz peg 40
2nd Alan Mc Guire 90lb 11oz peg 4
3rd Jonny Maven 86lb 12oz peg 37
4th Colin Pine 43lb 12oz peg 2
5th Dave Pearson 37lb 10oz peg 26
6th Ben Huggins 35lb 7oz Peg 1

Wed 5th June 13 open Bowes
Conditions:- cloudy, ambient temp 11 deg, wind NNE 11 mph, barometer 1023 mb,  water temp 15 deg, ph 7.65, DO 7.85
1st Alan Mc Guire 83lb 3oz peg 16 all on pellet wagler and angel banded 10mm pellet 
2nd John Dryden 61lb 13oz peg 3
3rd Ray Wallace 39lb 01oz peg 40
Rest dnw

Monday EVE 3 hour June 3rd 2013 open Bowes and Lookout ton up and ton up!!!
Conditions:- Partly Cloudy, ambient temp 18 deg, wind ENE 6mph, barometer 1031.8mb, moon phase waning crescent,  water temp 14.8 deg, PH 7.71,  DO 7.8
1st Babbs 135lb 2oz peg 25 Lookout
2nd Chris Owers 120lb 02 peg 24 Bowes 
3rd Davey Pearson 90lb 2oz peg 40 Bowes
4th Alex Burton 72lb 9oz peg 32 Lookout
5th Alan Mc Guire 64lb peg 2 Bowes 
6th John Foster 63lb 11oz peg 34 Bowes 

WOW well done 3 hours some going!!