All lakes fishing very well, with Bowes lake match record going to Alan Mc Guire with 136lb 1oz in 5 hours all carp
Sunday 8th May 2011 League Lookout
Conditions:- Cloudy with rain ,ambiient temp 17 deg,  wind SSE 7 swining to W 14 mph, baromeeter 1010.8 mb, moon phase waxxing crescent, Water temp 14.1 deg, DO 7.95, PH 7.24, MV14
1st Tony Watson 76lb 6oz peg 1
2nd Chris Owers 67lb 6oz peg 9
3rd Ian Lumb 57lb 1oz peg 2
1st Section Peter Wadge 48lb 10oz 16aa
2nd Section Graham Skirrey 48lb 8oz peg 11
Section 3 Derek Fox 46lb 1oz peg 32
Saturday 7th May 2011 open Bowes   Lake Record Alan Mc Guire
Conditions:-  Mostly Cloudy, ambient Temp 13 deg,  humidity 83%, wind SE 2mph, barometer 1010.2 mb, moon phase waxing crescent, DO 7.55, Water temp 14. deg, PH 7.08, mv 5
1st Alan McGuire 136lb 1oz peg 40 new lake record Very well done Alan great catch
2nd George Atkin 63lb 9oz peg 23
3rd Richard Wildman 42lb 6oz peg 3
Thursday 5th May 2011 Hassra Lookout
Conditions:-  Cloudy, ambient temp 14 deg, humidity 60%, wind SSE 7 mph,  barometer 1016.3 mb, moon phase waxing crescent, water temp 12.2 deg, DO 8.2 ppm, PH 7.28, MV 11
1st Malcolm  Gardner 73lb 7oz peg 1
2nd B Evans 64lb 3oz peg 35
3rd Paul O Donnel 63lb 6oz peg 42
4th N Ripley 58lb peg 16aa
5th J Mitchell 55lb 15oz peg 2
6th S Guy 47lb 8oz peg 25
 Basically all silvers
Wed 4th May 2011 open Bowes
Conditions:- Over night frost down to –1, sunny, ambient temp 10 deg, humidity 63%, wind S 5mph, barometer 1022.4 mb, moon phase  new,  water temp 12.4 deg, DO 8.7 ppm, PH 7.39, mv 23
1st Ray Wallace 56lb peg 22
2nd Peter Smith 50lb 4oz peg 21
3rd Alister Morris   Junior 49lb 3oz peg 40  well done Ally
4th Lee Slater 46lb 2oz peg 10
5th Mark Wilson 43lb 6oz peg 24
6th Mark Carlin 36lb 10oz peg 4