Some exceptional fishing this week with early anglers getting some stunning fishing, both in quantity and quality as well as size
Josh Worthing from Gateshead did an overnighter and had 5 carp over 20lb his best was 27lb 4oz all from peg 23 on Bowes as well as many other doubles all on 10mm angel pellet covered in paste to the island. .
Young Jonny Maven from Washington caught 15 carp to 7lb, over 50lb of rudd, roach, skimmers all on soft hookers and  feeding angel micro and 6 mm pellets,
Sunday 22nd May 2011 League
Conditions:- Cloudy and windy,  ambient temp 14deg,  humidity 74%, wind  W 25  mph gusting to 38 mph,  low barometer 992.1 mb, moon phase waning gibbous,  water temp 12.00 deg, PH 7.15, DO 8.9, MV 21
1st Andy Nelson 72lb 10oz peg 16aa
2nd Peter Wadge 53lb 6oz peg 1
3rd Paul Jackson 53lb peg 31
1 section Jonny Maddison 49lb 13oz peg 24
2 section Peter Cairns 44lb 11oz peg 3
3 section Chris Gowling 40lb 5oz peg 42
Saturday 21st May 2011 Open Bowes
Conditions:- Partly Cloudy, ambient temp 11deg, humidity 84%, wind S5 mph, barometer 1015.2 mb, moon phase waning gibbous, water temp dropped to 12.1 deg,        DO 7.9 ppm,  PH 7.30, MV15
1st Tommy Marshall 50lb 8oz peg 24
2nd Dave Pearson 36lb 5oz peg 4
3rd Steve Anderson 20lb 10oz peg 22
4th Alister Morris Jnr 17lb 15oz peg 25
5th Peter Smith 13lb 10oz peg 21
6th George Akin 13lb 8oz peg 34
Strange day with lots of snap offs, and large fish just going and going and rods getting hauled in-mmm
Friday 20th May 2011 HMRC match qualifier Lookout
Conditions:- overcast, ambient temp 14 deg, humidity 57%, wind SW 15mph gusts to 28 mph, barometer 1011.5mb,  moon phase waning gibbous, water temp 12.9 deg, ph 7.35, DO 8.2, mv 24.
1st Nigel Ripley 58lb 7oz peg 13
2nd Richard Wildman 42lb 1oz peg 9
3rd R Bailey 41lb 11oz peg 1
4th Steve Guy 41lb 1oz peg 7
5th S Borrell 31lb 5oz peg 15
6th D Baley 16lb 9oz peg 2
Wed May 18th Open Bowes
Conditions :-  Cloudy, with rain spells, Ambient temp 14 deg,  wind 18mph gusting to 24mph,  barometer 1007.5mb, moon phase Full, DO 7.9, Water temp 12.7 deg, Ph7.15, mv 27
1st Peter Smith 59lb 9oz (50lb silvers big bream and Ide) peg 21 worm and maggot
2nd Lewis Mc Intosh 53lb 2oz peg 1 mainy good carp
3rd John Foster 35lb 8oz peg 25
4th Mark Wilson 35lb 4oz peg 24
5th Liam Shilling 33lb 4oz peg 34
6th Kim Christie 26lb 5oz peg 40
From Next week the Wednesday match will be at night from 5pm draw fishing 6pm till 9pm
Friday afternoon matches also starting draw 1pm fishing 2 to 7pm, Bank Holiday Monday 30th May is a pairs matc one on Lookout and one on Bowes.